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Shannon Heibler

By Scott Haden

Shannon (she/her) is a Wisconsin-born artist and theater advocate with a background in costume design and education. She is dedicated to creating inclusive, equitable, and welcoming spaces for every artist.

Shannon takes great pride in her costume designs for productions such as I & You, Heisenberg, 45 Plays for America’s First Ladies, and Airness, as well as her work as wardrobe supervisor for multiple seasons with Forward Theater Company.

After hanging up her measuring tape and shears, Shannon transitioned to arts administration. In this role, she welcomes touring artists, makes them feel at home, and fosters performing arts spaces that embrace everyone. Forward Theater Company is the perfect place to continue this important work, as it represents a dream home for theater artists. When she’s not advocating for better arts futures, Shannon enjoys life in Stoughton with her partner, Ben, where they fill their days with art and nerdery.