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King James

By admin

“King” LeBron James was just the hero that Cleveland needed. One of the greatest NBA players to ever hit the court, his influence brought promise and renewal to an entire city. Set against the backdrop of James’ electrifying basketball career, this fast-paced comedy chronicles the turbulent bond between two die-hard fans, whose intertwined fortunes are tied to those of their idol. A hilarious and heartfelt exploration of loyalty, legacy, and the shared moments that define us.

Sponsored by Counting on the Arts and The Cap Times.

Murder Girl

By admin

It’s close to 5:00 PM, and the crew at Marty’s Supper Club in the woods of Wisconsin have big fish to fry. Twins Eric and LeeAnn are trying to keep their family business afloat, but a little thing called murder may get in the way. Open your holiday season with this home-grown, world- premiere comedy about found family, old fashioneds, and where to stow the roadkill.

Sponsored by Nancy Ciezki & Diane Kostecke, Custer Burish Financial Services, Stafford Rosenbaum LLP, DeWitt LLC, and Isthmus.

Summer, 1976

By Scott Haden

The summer of America’s Bicentennial finds Diana, an artist, and Alice, a professor’s wife, thrown together through a faculty babysitting
co-op at Ohio State. As they navigate migraines and marriage crises, tantrums and road trips, they build an expansive and intimate friendship as full of possibility, and as fleeting, as summer.

Sponsored by Steve & Jacqui Suleski, and Our Lives magazine.

A Case for the Existence of God

By Scott Haden

Inside a cubicle in a small office in southern Idaho, two men find themselves bound together as they struggle to balance the confounding terms on a loan. Through the hardships and hilarities of parenthood, economic pressures, and personal dreams, their evolving friendship becomes a profound exploration of human connection, faith, and the search for meaning in everyday life.

Sponsored by MG&E, Sybil & Maurice Better, and Madison365.

Guilty Pleasures Monologue Festival

By Scott Haden

Indulge in an evening of confession and hilarity at our eighth Monologue Festival, Guilty Pleasures! This time, the stage becomes a sanctuary for the secret indulgences we dare not admit. This festival of original works promises a delightful journey through the joys, embarrassments, and sweet reliefs that come from embracing our most private delights.