Your Guide to Streaming

Bring the Forward Theater experience to the big screen.

Here are some tips on different ways to enjoy our online productions*. These instructions are our best attempt at covering a variety of options, and may not be applicable for everyone. Whatever method you choose, we recommend testing out these options in advance before streaming the performance.

*We cannot guarantee that you will be able to connect your device to your TV. Forward Theater does not take responsibility if you are unable to connect your device to your TV and will not issue ticket refunds on this basis. Our recommendation for the performance is to use a laptop or desktop computer if no other methods are available.


If your TV has an HDMI cable port, you should be able to connect you laptop, phone or tablet. One end of the HDMI cable will connect to your TV and the other will connect to your device – you’ll need to make sure you have the correct HDMI cable and/or adapter compatible with the device you’re using.

If you’re using a phone or tablet it’s likely that this will connect to the same socket you use to charge your phone. If you’re using a laptop you’ll see that it will have slots along the side of the keyboard and if you’re using a computer, you’ll either connect to a slot along the side of your monitor (screen) or in the computer itself.

Once you have the right cable and your device is connected to your TV, it will either automatically begin sharing your screen or you will need to access your TV’s menu using your remote control to change the source or input to HDMI – this will correspond to the HDMI slot you’ve connected to on your TV and there may be more than one to choose from.

Once you’re connected the sound should be coming out of your TV rather than your device. If not, check your audio settings by selecting the arrow next to ‘Mute’ in the bottom right of the screen and either choose ‘Same as system’ or your TV speakers if that appears as an option under ‘Select a speaker.'


If you have you have access to Chromecast, you can wirelessly stream from your phone, tablet to your TV.


- If you want to use a computer or laptop to connect to your Chromecast, you must use the Google Chrome web browser. The Vimeo video player that is provided on our website does not contain a "Cast" button (like YouTube does). Once you have clicked the "play" button in the Vimeo video player, access the "Cast" function in the browser - INSTRUCTIONS.

- If you use your phone or tablet to view the play, download the Vimeo app first: Apple | Android

- Using your phone or tablet, open the email that contains your digital ticket and access the Virtual Lobby. Click "Watch the Show." The video will open on the Vimeo app. The Vimeo app contains a "Cast" button, and will send the video to your Chromecast.

Setting up Chromecast:

Make sure your Chromecast device is plugged into your TV and connected to a plug socket. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to set up Chromecast. You’ll need to do the setup on a mobile device but once this is complete, you can use Chromecast for your phone or tablet.

To set up, check that both your Chromecast device and your mobile device are both connected to your WiFi. Once they’re connected you can download the free Google Home app on your phone or tablet (Android or iOS) and follow the steps to complete the setup.

You can then ‘cast’ from the Chrome web browser on your phone or tablet to your TV, provided they’re all connected to your WiFi, following these instructions.

Double check that the audio is coming from your TV and not the device you’re casting from.