Summer Plays in Wisconsin - August Blog 2014
by Richard Ganoung

Here in the Midwest we enjoy Summer the old fashioned way, we EARN it! Among the myriad festivities which abound this time of year I'd like to offer a jaunt to our beloved Door County where audiences can be entertained under the stars at both American Folklore Theatre and Door Shakespeare. Last August, I had the privilege of visiting these outdoor venues in the "Thumb of Wisconsin" and I can promise you laughter and rejuvenation should you choose to make a long weekend of hiking, swimming, and theater going. And the best part is you can often wear the same clothes to all three! It's an unassuming, relaxed, and carefree adventure in the great outdoors. You'll see familiar faces onstage and behind the scenes at these venues as many of the theater professionals there have worked with Forward Theater. As an actor I thoroughly enjoy watching companies throughout my state and marvel at the fortitude of individuals who relocate their whole lives for a few months each summer. Actors who battle mosquitoes, ticks, and heat exhaustion, just to ring laughter from hundreds of grateful audience members. Please visit and for more information. I'm half tempted here to include lodging information and restaurant tips but I've been asked to write only about the 'play experience'. Maybe Forward could send me for another weekend this year to just check out hotels and restaurants? I should get on that! Best wishes for a safe and relaxing summer to you all. See you in the lobby!