FTC Monologue Festival
Director's Notes for Someone's Gotta Do It

As we approach our 4th annual monologue festival at Forward Theater, it's time to jump in with two of the 12 directors for their perspective on working on a project as unique as this.

Dave Pausch (Director, Talk to Me Maybe by Kimberly Megna Yarnall):

The idea that “creating art is like giving birth” is one that we hear a lot, in various forms. And I think there is some truth to it (he says with a grain of salt, having never personally given birth). But it strikes me as ringing untrue when creating theatre, especially new theatre. A more accurate metaphor to me is the creation of a building. The writer is the architect, envisioning the structure, creating a design imbued with that vision. The director interprets the design and schemes the best way to bring it to reality, and works with the architect to adjust the design to fit constraints of practicality and budget. They contribute ideas that help bring the architect’s vision even more sharply into focus. The actors, designers, and production team bring the structure to “life,” using their various skills and training. They inject their own creative ideas, adding nuance and complexity to the structure that no design could capture on paper.

As a non-architect, I may have this entire construction process wrong. But in principal, I think this metaphor illustrates a larger point about the creation of new theatre work. It is collaborative. And for it to succeed at a high level, it has to be. A theatrical work at the point of it hitting the stage is a culmination of hundreds of hours of meticulous and complex work and effort by individuals with a myriad of skills and talents. One person would have difficulty not only having all the requisite skills, but to simply find the time. We need each other to make this magical thing we call theatre happen.

Dana Pellebon (Director, The Line by Sandy Dietrick):

Directing is the most satisfying artistic experience I have. Directing new works and pieces that speak to me are a passion. The collaboration of the designers, the actor, and the director to bring words that have never been performed before to life is a great responsibility. A responsibility to the writer and the audience. The piece I'm directing speaks to both me and the actor, Liz Angle. Choices and sacrifices made by women for the betterment of those around them. The opportunity to take someone as talented as Liz and shape and shift this character to every woman, to every one of us who do what we have to do to survive is a unique opportunity. Using life experience, singer's breathing techniques, My Little Ponies, and a lot of humanity help weave together this glimpse into the Americana we normally don't see. It's a special thrill to be a director of this piece. I can't wait for you to join us.