Learning to Stay: Commitment and Connection

by Advisory Company member Michael Herold

At the end of our third week of rehearsal, I was again struck by how easy it would be to spend time outside of rehearsal with any of the people here. Working with these talented artists who are already in my network of friends (or easily could be) is a gift. We are, in essence, a family united in a common purpose, to share a story with our audience. Within this particular family, there is an exhilarating sense of collaboration, refreshingly void of ego. We commit to bringing these people and this story to life. Our commitment is evidenced in conversations exploring these characters and their lives. There is a respect, an effort to fully recognize who these people are. We care about these characters because they are living all of our stories, and within their narrative lies something deeply familiar to all of us. We may not be living the specific journeys of Elise and Brad, but we are intimately aware of the fear, anxiety, sadness, and joy these characters experience. They represent all of us and our various yet connected journeys, and when all is said and done, I think it is why we create theater. We share these plays because they are all our stories and hopefully, we all care.