Laffs With Two Fs (Part 2) - Banned Books Blog 2014
by Jake Penner
Actor, Laffs with Two Fs

I held my tongue in college. One day, I remember listening mute as half a dozen honors seminar students lambasted our space program while at the same time texting each other on technology only made possible by the advancements of NASA scientists. I've always regretted not saying something that day.

And that's the central difference between me and Sergio, the Literature graduate student whose undergrads extoll writers like Dav Pilkey and Stephanie Meyer: Sergio says something. It's been a great experience exploring a character who had the guts to speak his mind on a controversial subject, even though he knew it would likely land him in hot water with the dean who holds the key to his future. Kimberly Yarnall has captured a defining moment in this young academic's life, when he must decide what's more important, his career or his ideals. I've been honored to have a hand in that.