Kurt Vonnegut Took a Grape From My Hand (Part 2) - Banned Books Blog 2014
by Richard Ganoung
Director, Kurt Vonnegut Took a Grape From My Hand

For the past few years it has been my pleasure to try on a different "hat" as a member of FTC, and now that of a director in our very popular monologue festivals. Our Artistic Director Jen Gray once gave me a book about advice form successful theatrical directors of the 20th Century. Inside the cover she inscribed: "For Richard, because he can do anything". When one has the support of fellow artisans there is precious little we cannot achieve. Upon reading the current monologue I'm directing for the banned books festival by the incredible Lori Matthews, I immediately heard the voice of an equally incredible actor, Peggy Rosin, in my head. For the past several months the three of us have been working in tandem to sculpt a moving and entertaining mosaic to fit within what we know will be a spectacularly brilliant evening of free and unchained voices.