Kurt Vonnegut Took a Grape From My Hand - Banned Books Blog 2014
by Lori Matthews
Author of Kurt Vonnegut Took a Grape From My Hand (inspired by Slaughterhouse Five)

Perhaps I lack the imagination to create something without roots in reality, but I find retooling the truth to be a very satisfying enterprise. Much like the character in the monologue, my husband, Greg, and I really did attend Kurt Vonnegut's speech at the 1991 Printers Row Book Fair in Chicago. Vonnegut really did stroll past us later in the day as we sat on a curb eating cheese and grapes. And I really have read Slaughterhouse Five five times. The great fun in writing this piece came from borrowing Vonnegut's device (Billy Pilgrim being "unstuck" in time) and applying it to the character of Grace.