How Do I Love Forward Theater? - May Blog 2015
By Pete Lundberg

How do I love Forward Theater? Let me count the ways.

I value Forward Theater because it provides great opportunities for talented local actors, directors, writers, set people, and a whole host of others. I think Forward Theater really raises the bar for all the arts groups in Dane County, not to mention benefiting the economic fabric of not only the downtown, but the entire area.

I love the fact that I laugh until I can barely breath at one production and then yet two months later, I’m struck by a very serious and profound topic that leaves me contemplating what I just saw for days and possibly even weeks or sometimes it’s a combination of both, but one thing that’s consistent - the common thread is that it’s very very high quality in the sets, the acting, and the production and that’s really great. It’s a great whole package. As a business man, I appreciate that Forward Theater operates in the black. As a donor, I like the fact that each dollar that we give is leveraged and squeezed to its best possible use. So, that even on a very lean budget they do some amazingly creative, professional and enjoyable theater. Frankly, it’s about as most fun as you can have without breaking the law. Not that I condone breaking the law, but I do condone having fun. So, I would encourage everyone to go out and see local theater, support Forward Theater and heck, while you’re at it, write a check.