A Thank You Note - April Blog 2015
by Sarah Day

I can't begin to say how much we've needed all of you to be the seventh member of our cast. Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike (as well as Cassandra and Nina) have been very anxious for your arrival.

You have made our journey make sense. We knew the play was humorous--although after a couple of weeks of rehearsal, we started to wonder why something was funny--we've seen or done it too many times for ANYthing to seem funny. But, on Thursday night with our first group--we knew we had some funny going on. So MANY laughs were heard. But, I think we were all so thrilled with some of the groans of recognition, the gasps of delight, the cheering on of a character when they made a good decision, or surprised us with their choice. What a joy it is to play.

All our audiences have been just a little different. And that is also a treat for us. We're still figuring out how to work with you - our Cast member number seven. This sweet, thoughtful and deliciously wicked comedy is a joy to play, and I hope that when you see it, you will agree.