4000 Miles Actor Mitch Bultman - Opening a Show

Opening a show is always such a unique pleasure. Opening brings with it much joy and it also brings some unexpected surprises. It doesn't matter how long you spend working on a show in rehearsals, there are always things you will not know until performing it in front of your audience. After rehearsing a show for weeks, I think one of the things that is so easy to forget as an actor is that the play is actually funny! It has been a unique dance learning where to pause and to let the audience laugh. There are some parts of the play that always get the laugh and some of the other parts really depends on the night and the audience. The audience provides such a unique energy to the production and a show is never really complete until you get an audience in to see it. Theater is ethereal and it exists somewhere in between the audience and the stage. The magic of live theater comes together when both parts - the actors and the audience - share in a unique moment that will never be recreated in the exact same way again. This phenomenon is always true, but it is especially true on the first night you open a new show. The audience in Madison has been truly wonderful and engaged in a way that makes telling this story so unique and fun. It has been a wonderful two weeks and I am looking forward to the final week of shows!