Reflections on an Emotional Year!

by Board Member Steve Suleski

As 2016 comes to a close, I’m exhausted! Downsizings at my company. The divisive political campaigns. Complex family relationships. All have contributed to a stressful, uncertain time for me. if you’ve experienced these or similar challenges, like me, you’re probably more than ready to flip the calendar page to 2017 and hope for better.

And yet, there continue to be bright spots. Places where the spirit can find new energy. Where challenging ideas can be explored positively, respectfully. Where people of differing sensibilities can sit together and absorb the same experiences, even while having distinct outlooks on them. One of these bright spots — in my view, one of the very brightest — is Forward Theater Company.

2016 saw Forward push us through innovative works like The Flick and Mr. Burns. For many of us, these plays pushed our understanding and appreciation. All in an environment of openness. Accepting differences. Inviting new audiences. A true family approach.

The current season we are Coming Home. Plays like 4,000 Miles, Outside Mullingar and Learning to Stay. These too push us. But differently.

The beauty of Forward, I think it’s greatest strength, is the way it takes all who want to be part of this adventure called theater and makes us feel at home. Its community outreach focus. Its efforts to pay all of its artists a living wage. Its innovative governance structure, Its obsession with food and meals around a common table. These all speak of nourishment Of nurture. Of a force for the common good.

As 2016 ends, these are things we all need more of.

My wife and I are proud to financially support Forward Theater Company, and I hope that you will consider doing the same.

Happy Holidays!