Our List of Every Brilliant Thing
Audience Submissions

For our production of Every Brilliant Thing, we provided a post-it note to every audience member and encouraged them to share their own "Brilliant Thing." After 17 performances, we collected 1529 THINGS! The entire list can be found below. Enjoy!

Pictured above: Over half of the 1529 post-its shared by audience members of Every Brilliant Thing.

Download the pdf of our Brilliant Things list

1. Paging through a brand-new notebook and enjoying the potential of the crisp blank pages.
2. Spending the evening with a person you love.
3. Plays with my son!
4. Seeing the moons of Jupiter through a telescope.
5. A really good dink! (Pickleball reference.)
6. The smell of fresh air after a rain fall!
7. Poetry
8. Cars with manual transmissions – the ones I have always liked to drive!
9. Little Ray
10. Good theater
11. The Great British Baking Show!
12. Saying a simple thing but having someone react to it like it’s the most important
thing in the world.
13. Realizing that you might truly never understand some things.
14. The momentary feeling that a project has connected you to something greater.
15. Humor
16. Plays that make me cry
17. Crossing the Yellow Banks
18. A GOOD stretch
19. When my cats go “mrrrp” when I get home from work.
20. Live theatre
21. Musical theater
22. Sun glistening on a lake.
23. Freshly fallen snow on leafless trees
24. Playing table games with friends
25. The wag of a dog’s tail
26. Going to Florida in the winter where it is WARM
27. Theater
28. A smile from my dog
29. Getting another Letter to the Editor published about the urgency of action to
address the climate crisis!
30. When my dog wakes up, sees me & wags her tail
31. The fragrance of a purple hyacinth
32. When your professor says you should be proud of your writing!
33. The wonderful surprise of this play!
34. Snow-capped mountains
35. My cat Archie
36. Stopping to smell the roses!
37. A bicycle-shaped pizza cutter.
38. An evening with Roxi!
39. A stable society
40. Being able to talk about difficult things!
41. True love!!
42. Humorous plays
43. Second chances
44. Playing my cello for my partner
45. Laughing with my peeps
46. Live theatre
47. Cat purrs
48. Karaoke with friends @ midnight
49. Friends
50. Pink sparkling wine
51. My dog’s snoring
52. Eating a piece of candy you last tried as a child.
53. Tig Notaro’s comedy
54. Putting peeps in a microwave
55. Chickadees!
56. The sense that you’ve met an unpredictable challenge for which no preparation was
possible, but which you navigated successfully.
57. Colada morada, wah-wahs, + dear ones
58. “I love you” instead of “good morning.”
59. Thin spaghetti and having seconds
60. Being Sam
61. Peanut M&Ms
62. Zoe eating her food at inappropriate moments
63. The sweet smell of a horse’s breath.
64. Walking in the snow falling at night.
65. The sound of a baby laughing
66. Getting to be a sock puppet school counselor
67. Starting a bath too hot so you can stay in it too long
68. Your friend listening to you complaining
69. My cat’s purr
70. Waking up and feeling well rested
71. When your daughter becomes a doctor
72. Holding hands with your love for the first time
73. The Andrews Sisters
74. When he holds me in the middle of the night
75. Hobbit houses
76. Green room treats!
77. Growing a vegetable from a seed.
78. Freshly fallen snow
79. Standing near a waterfall
80. Walking long enough to work through all the thoughts you needed to think, and the
ones you didn't know you needed, then to feel, and then to finally see the world
around you.
81. Daisies
82. Baby giggles
83. First snow
84. Jamie
85. Bunny kisses and fixing what’s broken
86. Saying “yes”
87. Sitting on the beach, watching the waves come in, and listening to the sound of the
88. War – extinct. Love – complete.
89. The smile of my husband, Jeff
90. Cooking a new recipe with your fiancée and having it turn out delicious
91. A new haircut that I really like!
92. Driving overnight until the early hours and being able to watch the sun come up
93. A new mother
94. Attending a very good play!
95. Dogs sighing
96. Being able to take my first welding class!
97. Sharing a martini glass of Campari
98. A baby’s breath
99. A season subscription to Forward Theater!
100. Waking up every morning and realizing I did.
101. Having someone who loves me deeply
102. A warm mug of tea
103. Listening to tundra swans on Lake Mendota
104. Eating pickles and rice cakes with my best friend on a very specific rock on the shore
of Lake Superior in Gooseberry Falls State Park
105. Dogs with their heads out the car window – smiling, tongue out
106. Making a human and fur baby sandwich
107. Seeing Celia Klehr
108. Nights out with friends and family.
109. When you are cutting something and the scissors glide
110. When you walk outside in the morning after a snowfall and the snow is untouched a
muffled silence fills the air.
111. The “aha” moment on my students’ faces!
112. FaceTime calls with our son at college
113. Dog kisses
114. Watching Cyd Charisse and Fred Astaire perform “Dancing in the Dark”
115. The ability to run
116. Watching my friend get compliments
117. Spending my money on something that makes a difference
118. Beethoven’s 9th Symphony!
119. Buying minnows at a bait shop, naming them, and setting them free rather than
120. The Milky Way
121. The stars in the sky!
122. The sound of snow
123. Dry hands from working with wood
124. The miracle of giving birth and touching your newborn baby for the first time.
125. Aluminum
126. Fresh clarinet reeds
127. Poetry
128. Singing
129. Riding at a gallop!
130. Horses
131. Long lasting true love
132. A loving spouse!
133. Swimming in the ocean!
134. A grandchild reaching for your hand.
135. Listening to my love singing It’s a Chelsea Morning!
136. Rock & Roll
137. Projection equals actuals
138. My wonderful “boyfriend” of 53 yrs.
139. Poodles
140. The quiet the morning after a show.
141. Snowshoeing
142. Spending time in Madison with Rex!
143. A warm day on the Union Terrace
144. Bathtime
145. Talking to people you haven’t seen in a while.
146. Being alone
147. Taking my sock off during a show and being pleased to have a clean sock.
148. Watching DD perform
149. The sound of geese wings flapping as they fly over you
150. The smell of freshly based cinnamon rolls.
151. The sound of the ocean
152. To love at first smile, and learning you could love him, all your life.
153. The silence of a heavy snowfall
154. Watching my son sleep
155. Meeting “strangers” who feel like family!
156. The number 33
157. GOATS who jump and kick at the same time! #smiling
158. When a dog smiles at you through a car window.
159. Sleeping with your pets.
160. Making notes on programs (like this one!) about things I want to remember.
(Especially songs & books.)
161. Freshly baked bread
162. The smile on a child’s face experiencing theater
163. Crispy waffles with blueberry syrup
164. Bonding with my son over our mutual support for our depression.
165. Fresh lavender flowers
166. A dog licking your face
167. Mountains
168. Being in the audience of a David Daniel show
169. Sunsets
170. Snowfalls
171. The ocean
172. Walking in the woods
173. A warm summer breezes
174. Walking on the lake when the water is frozen
175. Doing the Saturday xword in the bath
176. Videos of dogs being rescued & then finding forever homes
177. Laughing so loud and long that I can’t speak.
178. When your team wins!
179. A great oboe reed.
180. Convertible ride with top down & music up!
181. The love of a rescue dog!
182. Reading a good book on a snowy morning, snuggled under a cozy blanket, with a hot
cup of coffee!
183. Aha moment with the name I had been blanking on.
184. Puppy breath (why does it smell like coffee?)
185. Having a horse breathe gently on your cheek.
186. GRANDKIDS! Philosophizing with grandkids
187. EPIPHANIES, like realizing how a visit to the dog park is like a modern dance
performance. At some point someone will run at diagonal, pause suddenly, stare
dramatically in the distance, and then run off in the opposite direction.
188. Leisurely breakfast on Sunday mornings listening to music and reading the paper
with my husband.
189. Laying on your back in freshly mowed lawn w/the sun shining, looking up to the sky
to identify cloud characters.
190. The incredible eyes of a dragonfly!
191. Watching a great movie for the first time and falling in love with it
192. My nephew (2 yrs old) hysterically laughing in the sunshine, twirling, falling and
laughing anyway.
193. Friends
194. Camp fire toasted marshmallows
195. Kittens!
196. My dogs Daisy + Blue
197. Going to a play w/your grandpa
198. The love of a dog
199. Swing dancing @ Devil’s Lake w/Rich
200. Your wife surviving cancer!
201. Contradancing at Nelson, NH town hall
202. My 5 month old’s 2am milk breath
203. Live theatre
204. Daughters
205. Beauty in all its forms!
206. Celtic music
207. Crayons
208. Celebrating your mom’s birthday
209. Staying up all night to finish a really good book.
210. My cat ... Jorges
211. A child laughing
212. Buying something with your own money
213. Brahms’ Piano Quintet in F Minor
214. Live theatre! (under the stars...even better!)
215. Butter melting on a slice of fresh baked bread
216. Gently falling snow
217. Waves lapping the shore
218. Shoveling the snow at night while it’s snowing
219. Unexpectedly getting to play the vet
220. Meeting a friend unexpectedly on the street
221. Forward Theater
222. Meeting true empaths
223. Thunderstorms
224. God’s forgiveness
225. Fresh snow on evergreens
226. Forward Theater Co.
227. Fountain pens
228. Running farther than you ever ran before
229. A purring cat.
230. The utter joy of a comfortable bra
231. DD’s warm and nurturing spirit. Love, Mrs Patterson
232. Grandchildren hugs
233. The Child aka Baby Yoda
234. A perfectly shoveled sidewalk
235. Canoe on a quiet lake
236. One-hit wonders that keep resurfacing
237. Taking in a live symphonic orchestral concert
238. Going to see live theater with a friend
239. Warm sun and a book
240. The aroma of a freshly sharpened pencil
241. Puppies
242. Powerful live performances
243. Spontaneity
244. Getting married
245. Sunshine on a beautiful summer morning!
246. Laughing until my stomach hurts
247. The simplest moments with people you love
248. Macaroni & cheese
249. Seeing a wonderful play with your favorite actor!
250. A run outside
251. Coffee/tea with a friend
252. Hugging someone who’s wearing a really soft sweater
253. Al Kooper
254. Nina Simone
255. Winning
256. Publication of my book
257. My dog greeting me home
258. My grandson telling me he loves me.
259. Dancing anytime!
260. Puppies
261. Skiing so fast it scares you
262. Listening to Miles Davis
263. Driving in a convertible on a warm summer evening
264. Walking a dog who loves to walk!
265. Hummingbirds drinking nectar from a red rose
266. The Rocky Mountains
267. When your pet bird welcomes you home by saying his own name excitedly.
268. Getting your license to drive
269. Watching your children, then grandchildren be born, grow and mature.
270. Having a dog walk up to you and the owner saying “he doesn't normally like people.”
271. The sound of fresh, crisp snow crunching under your boot.
272. The surprise and delight of seeing a play for the first time.
273. Puppies that are ecstatic to see you every time you show up.
274. Smell of hot chocolate when coming indoors on a very cold day.
275. Cats on laps
276. Autumn leaves crunching under your feet
277. First flowers in the spring garden!
278. The love and forgiveness of Jesus
279. When a fish takes the bait.
280. Being waken up by dog kisses!
281. Lots of stalls in the women’s restroom.
282. Scratching your dog’s ears when he lays his head on your knee.
283. Contradancing at the Nelson Townhall
284. Seeing a wonderful play that touches your heart.
285. A baby’s giggle
286. The smell of popcorn when you enter a movie theater
287. Seeing great theatre like this with your best friend.
288. A crackling camp fire
289. Falling asleep in a warm cozy bed!
290. The Greek Freak
291. In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It Goes On
292. Eggs Benedict with extra Hollandaise Sauce
293. A cross country ski in fresh snow
294. If not world peace at least a government that serves the people!
295. Having dear friends of the
296. Hug every day
297. Having the National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
298. A smile from my wife
299. Tripping over a root or a rock and catching yourself just before you fall
300. Cuddling with your loved one.
301. Waking up to a perfect cup of coffee handed to me by a loved one.
302. Farting at the exact same moment as your 4-year-old, who immediately looks up at
you and says, “Jinx!”
303. Raindrops on flower petals
304. Eating a delicious meal
305. “For what do we exist if not to make life less difficult for each other” – George Eliot
306. Painting
307. Immersing myself in creative activities!
308. Watching the brilliant FT plays. Better + better!
309. Petrichor (the smell of rain)
310. Finding a song that perfectly fits your mood
311. Children playing
312. Babies
313. Babies crying for food
314. Re-connecting with my high school boyfriend! Xo
315. Breaking out in silly song to popular tunes at any moment
316. My curiosity
317. Sunshine
318. Finding a patch of wild black raspberries.
319. The curve ball
320. A bag of oreos
321. Phone navigators
322. Laughing at yourself!
323. Rainbows!
324. Savoring the moment...however transitory
325. Holding your grandchild on your lap.
326. Ginger, the best cat in the world!
327. Being able to see great local theatre!
328. Trees that keep you exploring
329. Waking up with two cats on my feet!
330. Doing a J
331. A long and luxurious warm bath
332. Engaging live theatre that’s as refreshing as a walk in the woods.
333. Hot coffee w/shoofly pie.
334. New brightly colored scarves.
335. Building a snowman.
336. Chihuahua sweaters.
337. Fresh snow.
338. Finding your true LOVE!
339. When a baby falls asleep on you.
340. Live theater
341. Warm chocolate cookies fresh out of the oven.
342. Astronaut ice cream
343. Beating a level in your favorite video game!
344. Spending time doing “dance party Friday” with my girls!
345. The smell of sheets that have dried on an outside clothes line
346. When my puppy goes to sleep in my bed and gets as close as she possibly can and I
hear her peacefully snoring
347. Spitting watermelon seeds!
348. Sunrise on Monona Bay (no day starts the same)
349. Goldfinches at the birdfeeder in the backyard
350. The quiet moments before sunrise
351. The dissipation of day into evening
352. Seeing one’s child swim on her own for the first time
353. The moment the lights go off at the end of an APT performance and it’s dark for a
few precious moments
354. Duck pho!
355. Looking down in a cenote
356. Aikido
357. Friends
358. Sunshine
359. Puppies
360. Sunshine-warmed sunglasses
361. The tininess of a baby’s foot
362. The moment when you finish your show and it is dead silent before the applause
begins because they are so caught up in the story they forgot where they are
363. The last time you fall in love.
364. Putting the last puzzle piece in.
365. The smell of freshly cut grass in the spring.
366. Live theatre
367. Forward Theater
368. David Daniel
369. Talk that hurts
370. Crying in public
371. Laughing in crowds
372. Lists (really...daily)
373. Cats
374. Mary Circle Friends
375. Cutting fabric into pieces. Sewing it back together to make something brilliant.
376. Dancing across the kitchen while cooking
377. Embracing 60!!!
378. Carly Simon
379. Watching a sunset on an empty beach with your love
380. Dogs digging in the sand
381. 72 years old and enjoying every day good or bad
382. Staying up until 5am reading a good book
383. Seeing Ellie – 18 months – turn the faucet on and off
384. The first bite of a chocolate cookie, just out of the oven
385. A baby’s butt tightly wrapped in a receiving blanket.
386. Science camp!
387. Walking dogs at the dog park
388. The first quiet hour of the day.
389. This show is brilliant. As are curious bunny noses wiggling!
390. Favorite lines from plays and musicals.
391. Cold bright winter days
392. Time in the sun
393. Teaching canoe building
394. Tweetle beetle battles!
395. Cats sleeping in the sun
396. Musicals
397. Going to plays with my roommate
398. Your child pulling a face and realizing she looks just like you
399. A cat purring on your lap while you take a nap.
400. Naps
401. Sunshine on your face
402. Old songs from the teenage years
403. Three cats piled up sleeping in a bed meant for one.
404. Dancing the sun up on May Day morning
405. Siblings – sisters and brothers
406. Sunrise
407. Ability to see
408. Ability to read
409. Ability to sing
410. Ice Age Trail
411. Bare skin (arms and legs)
412. Travel
413. Talking to people
414. Cooking
415. Eating new food
416. Golden retriever puppies
417. Reading at night until you drift off to sleep
418. The call of a loon
419. Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
420. Walking in the woods when the trees are full of bright colors
421. Walking in the woods when the trees are covered in snow
422. Walking in the woods when the trees are budding out with new leaves
423. Best friends for so many years
424. Bach’s B Minor Mass
425. Starry Night
426. My grandchild splashing in the tub
427. A fiery orange, red, pink, and purple sunset
428. 2001
429. Really buttery popcorn
430. Waiting for whatever comes next.
431. My daughter’s smile and hug.
432. Live life
433. A good back rub
434. Clifford Brown late at night
435. Having a lost love come back to you.
436. Nights quiet enough to hear snowfall.
437. Grapefruit juice
438. The smell of my mother’s cooking
439. Alvin Ailey’s “Revelations”
440. Roadtrips!
441. Rainbows
442. Puppies
443. The smell of chocolate chip cookies baking
444. Charity Give!
445. Early morning sun on the summer dew.
446. First love.
447. Forward Theater staff
448. Cheese
449. Following a passion
450. A Midwestern Spring (after a Midwestern Winter)
451. Coral reefs
452. Homemade bread
453. Smiles
454. Kindness
455. Siblings
456. Sunshine
457. Jigsaw puzzles
458. Soft, brand-new bath towels
459. Cardinals in winter
460. Ice cream with the grandkids
461. Laughing
462. A Tee Weight Draw
463. Getting lost while on vacation
464. Celebrating birthdays with family
465. Walking in the sunshine
466. Oxygen
467. Tequila Sunrise at sunset
468. Watching people I love enjoy themselves
469. A new knitting project on my needles (which you are sick of 2 months later! )
470. Dominos
471. The Moon
472. A&J
473. Benets
474. Travel
475. Cats
476. Children at playgrounds
477. Late winter squash
478. Sisters
479. Finding the love of your life after 60
480. A great play!!
481. Sharing a good laugh with close friends
482. When that perfect song comes on the radio when you’re driving at night.
483. Every Brilliant Thing by Forward Theater!!!
484. The way my person (my girlfriend) is the yin to my yang.
485. Milkweed
486. Watching our dog run thru the woods
487. Cuddly cats
488. Fireplaces
489. Hiking in wilderness
490. Bird watching
491. Alice (2 y.o. granddaughter)
492. Being at a party withhold friends and smiling with the many wonderful memories
that surface, bringing smiles and love.
493. A cold dog nose
494. A raccoon...at night in the dark
495. Knitting
496. Freshly bathed babies
497. Children catching snowflakes on their tongues
498. Grandchildren!
499. Voting
500. Muppets
501. Lavender oatmilk tea latte
502. Time
503. Solutions
504. Reencounters
505. Window that do open
506. Having a sea turtle swim to you while you’re snorkeling in Hawaii
507. Inspiring theatre
508. Watching your kid get a hat trick at a hockey tournament
509. Jigsaw puzzles
510. Bringing your friend to a show you love and she ends up being as affected by it as
511. Freaking out because you thought you lost your glove and then finding it!
512. Random post-its around the house as a practice of gratitude
513. The way the Scots say “shite”
514. Second chances
515. Kelly – my friend
516. The smell of rain
517. Candinas dark chocolate
518. Watching someone you love doing something they love and the contagious joy &
happiness in their eyes
519. Time with my loved ones
520. Eowyn
521. POW w/friends
522. When someone who was just outside gives you a hug and they smell like the wind.
523. Watching hummingbirds
524. Baby birds
525. IPA
526. Falling back (from daylight savings time)
527. Qtips
528. The sound of waves as they reach the shore...
529. The first bee of spring returning the kiss of an open flower.
530. A fast lindy hop with a good lead.
531. Trips w/my BFF + roommate
532. When you lost track of time while working on something you’re building
533. Warm flannel sheets
534. Mike’s laugh
535. Emily’s smile
536. Ben’s excitement
537. First coffee in the morning
538. New socks
539. Seat warmers
540. Oatmeal with my parents
541. Having to stay on the couch because the cat chose YOUR lap.
542. Early morning sunshine
543. That moment when you’re walking home and you start laughing and you don't quite
know why or whether everything’s always gonna be okay but it’s funny to be you.
544. Kissing in the rain
545. Pie at Stockholm Pie Company
546. Dancing!
547. Sprinkling manure on your garden in February on a foot of snow
548. Painting postcards in the Verona Library
549. Practicing your Grade 1 music book seventy years later.
550. Polka dots
551. Choosing to attend a play randomly with friends.
552. A child’s smile
553. Seeing new places & meeting new people
554. Tacos & Tampons – in that order!
555. A puppy’s first real snow rump!
556. Warm chocolate chip cookies
557. Smell of the Weber Grill with marinated steaks.
558. Diet A&W root beer
559. Cinnamon gum
560. Orange slices
561. The way my dog’s paws smell
562. Dystopian novels
563. F-bombs
564. Singing loudly to your dog while she tries to pretend to ignore you.
565. Seeing how much this play impacted everyone in the round.
566. Great friends!
567. Chocolate malts with whipped cream
568. Those first few moments stepping out of the house into the quiet morning world.
569. Hummingbirds
570. Gray cats with kinky tails
571. Scandinavian Fruit Soup
572. Broccoli in my teeth!
573. Life
574. When words are so well placed you are rendered speechless
575. Thinking it’s a Sunday night, when it’s really Saturday!
576. Taking a nap
577. Beautiful math equations
578. A heartfelt compliment.
579. Falling asleep
580. Waking up
581. Chocolate malts
582. Watching a baby take first steps.
583. Dogs playing in the snow
584. Flannel sheets! (esp in winter)
585. Sitting around the campfire
586. Being brought to tears by a brilliant play, and not caring who notices.
587. A rich, full-bodied baritone singing voice, especially when it’s my son’s.
588. People who go to the theater
589. Giving away books because you married someone who has the same ones you love.
590. Dog kisses.
591. A&W Root Beer Float
592. Drumming
593. The smell of cooking fires.
594. Walking with Max in Shorewood Hills roads on fresh fallen snow.
595. Volunteer ushering at Overture
596. That moment in a novel when it all comes together.
597. That first cup of coffee in the morning
598. Walking in warm summer rain.
599. A good night’s sleep
600. Watching someone like how their hair looks while combing it.
601. Sun dappling through the trees on a summer day.
602. The smell of a puppy
603. Running through the park on a sunny cloudless day in June + listening to the rustling
of your fresh, clean, damp, combed hair.
604. Laying on the grass on a warm summer evening looking at the Milky Way
605. Ultimate Frisbee
606. A day without knee pain
607. Newhart (the New England series...)
608. Fireflies in a jar...then letting them go.
609. Snowflakes
610. Great British Baking Show
611. Snowy owls
612. The sound of waves lapping on a pier.
613. Sunshine after ten cloudy days
614. Second chances
615. Floating in salty water
616. Keeping my integrity
617. The belly laugh of a toddler
618. That feeling you get when you sit down for a Forward Theater production. xoxo
619. My grandchildren
620. Sitting on the deck at the lake reading a good book
621. My granddaughter’s delight in stomping on bubble wrap.
622. Fresh strawberries
623. Books, bookstores, libraries
624. Rainbows
625. Sunshine
626. Juncos
627. Vanilla malt shakes extra thick
628. Palm trees
629. Falling in love with myself
630. Discovering you can paint pictures at age 71.
631. Learning something new each day
632. Laugh w/a child
633. Hugs
634. Catching a glimpse of a hummingbird
635. Live theater
636. Singing at the top of your lungs when you’re home alone
637. Owls softly hooting outside my bedroom window in the wee hours of the morning
638. Husbands + dogs
639. Knowing a loved one is ok
640. First time at the Overture to see Every Brilliant Thing, a one-man show about mental
641. Be emotionally sensitive
642. Toes in the warm sand
643. Being alive
644. The sound of a fog horn heard from the ferry.
645. Octopus and cuttlefish are colorblind
646. Northern lights
647. Wedding anniversary
648. Our son’s laughter!
649. Playing with clay – creating!
650. Sharing an aah-ha moment with a student.
651. The ability and time to reflect on things, on life.
652. Serendipity
653. Grandchildren
654. Excitement of a child
655. Sunshine
656. Finding colorful stones on the beach
657. Having a chocolate malt
658. Grandchildren
659. Sunshine after seven cloudy days
660. The carefree walk of Fred Astaire
661. Golden retrievers & the Dane County Humane Society
662. Cricket chirping by the wood stove
663. Surviving leukemia
664. Bread
665. Gardens
666. Sunrise & sunset
667. Friendly drunk strangers
668. India Pale Ale
669. Fresh roll of toilet paper
670. Afternoon cup of tea
671. Honking of sandhill cranes
672. Croaking frogs
673. Rowing a bow rudder
674. Singing in a community chorus
675. Pushing the handle and it finally flushes!
676. Dragonflies
677. Fireflies
678. A Noisy Fart
679. Bike ride on a sunny day
680. Mother Nature’s Art work
681. Staying calm in the middle of chaos
682. Swimming!!
683. Puns!!
684. Getting the vacuum cleaner cord to retract fully in one shot!
685. The underside of a pillow at 3am on a summer night
686. Meeting a friend’s cat who wants to be “skritched”
687. Trees
688. Moby Dick
689. Scratching cat tongues on your hand
690. Spontaneously saying something funny in a conversation.
691. The first time you successfully speak a foreign language to a native speaker
692. HiFi with great music
693. Wood ducks
694. Dipping in cold water on a hot day.
695. Snuggling on the couch with your love + cat
696. Showtunes
697. Puppy breath – and how all puppies have the same puppy breath!
698. Sitting in a sunny window on a winter day
699. Getting a second chance at life.
700. Being in or working in/by an historical place and not taking it for granted.
701. Laying in bed (laughing until your stomach hurts) listening to your child tell funny
702. Kissing the snout of your dog while at the same time feeling his wet nose on your
703. Socks for babies
704. Holding my newborn children for the first time
705. Jumping in a lake
706. Late night calls with a child who left for college
707. Root beer
708. Falling asleep w/your newborn baby on your chest
709. The story told tonight is the story I’ve lived over the past year – I’ve built my list of
hope... Love + Hope!
710. The warm, soft fur on a dog’s face and ears
711. The smell of garlic on my fingers after I’ve made a yummy dinner
712. Bicycling at 73
713. The ocean
714. Me
715. When a dog picks you for snuggles.
716. The smell when you finish mulching your yard.
717. Snowflakes at dawn
718. Chicken wings
719. The view of ice fishermen + their shacks form John Nolen Drive in the winter
720. When a friend slows down and walks with you.
721. Cuddling with pets
722. A purring cat cuddled on my lap
723. Ornett Coleman music
724. Fingers through your hair.
725. Building forts w/your kids with Christmas lights and popcorn!
726. Seeing a good play!
727. Theo + George
728. People working for no more war!
729. The air, wind that carries the smell of flowers
730. Sunshine
731. Lakes
732. Me
733. Smells that bring back good memories
734. Dawn
735. Tears of laughter
736. Snow covered mountains
737. Sitting against a tree & feeling the bark through your shirt
738. To get lost in a play to forget real life for a while!
739. Storm clouds over a prairie
740. When you finish a sketch in pencil, & then go over it with pen, & then erase the
pencil & then the PEN DOESN’T SMUDGE
741. Stars
742. The sound of children playing outside
743. Cheese
744. Forgiveness
745. Sound of waves
746. When you have your TV for a year and realize you never peeled off the screen protector.
747. Giggling
748. Riding the bus without staring at, or listening to, your mobile device.
749. Listening to Jason Reynolds read his poetry
750. Long, leisurely homemade dinners with lots of red wine + friends
751. Comfort with the truth
752. Back rubs!
753. The smell of pine trees on a hot summer day
754. Leadership who upholds justice and calls witnesses
755. Not being 7 years or 17 years old but an unaware 7 months old when I would have
started my list
756. Reading a book in the warm winter’s sun and falling asleep.
757. The Bernouli Effect that makes sailing possible
758. Ice on the trees after a storm
759. Analogies
760. Colors
761. A perfect baguette
762. Skiing
763. Snowflakes
764. Sex with orgasm
765. Taking off my bra + putting on sweatpants after work.
766. Latte foam art
767. Calling in sick when you are not sick
768. Sunrises + babies
769. The dog when you come home
770. Any wind on any day
771. A child laughing hard
772. Playing the song correctly at last
773. Berlin, by Jason Lutes
774. My 19-year-old Siamese Cat (female!)
775. Dancing with someone you love.
776. Blowing on a dandelion and watching the little parachutes fly away.....
777. Watching your baby sleep...no matter how old they are.
778. My kittens’ toe beans
779. No fourth wall
780. Dill pickle sandwich chips that are the same size as your bread.
781. Connecting with someone I feared I couldn't give anything to.
782. Lying on the carpet talking with my 22 year old son.
783. TANGO!!
784. The first downward dog in yoga class
785. Twins home from the NICU!
786. Holding a brand new baby!
787. Baskin Robbins Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
788. A wagging tail to great you at the door when you get home!
789. Going for a hike and finding wild strawberries!
790. The sight of Pileated Woodpeckers
791. SIGHT (ability to see)
792. Dropping a mic at Forward!!
793. Child’s laughter
794. Catharsis
795. My favorite tree @ Holy Wisdom @ Sunrise
796. The aliveness I feel following Qigong practice.
797. Hearing a favorite song I haven’t heard in forever played on the radio!
798. When you meet someone for the first time & realize you must actually like you - &
them – enough to have been 100% YOURSELF.
799. Puppy breath
800. Chocolate
801. The UP
802. Birds at feeder with snow below
803. Reading the newspaper
804. Encountering True Genius
805. Following loons with the canoe and my Jeff
806. Laughter
807. Walking on the frozen lake
808. Hearing your daughter say “I love you.”
809. Being welcomed home by your dogs
810. Reading O. Henry’s The Gift of the Magi
811. The moment your dog hears your voice or meets your eyes and wags his tail.
812. Watching a good hunting dog work
813. When a miracle comes true!
814. Cranes. All 15 species – Sandhill, Whoopers, Crown, Red Necked, Blue, all of them –
and butterflies.
815. Sunsets
816. LKSM – 12-string guitar
817. Trees
818. Holding your sleeping grandchild.
819. Watching the sun rise over Lake Superior
820. Children sledding in Elver Park
821. Caulden Sky
822. The first swipe of your new windshield wipers against a rainsoaked windshield. Love
it. Every time.
823. Seeing a ghost – then realizing it’s you.
824. Collecting stones along one of the Great Lakes.
825. IZ. Warm fur. Warm skin.
826. Iguanas
827. Good hair
828. Dreams of my brother.
829. Rainy days
830. Sunshine after a long period of grey
831. When a stranger compliments your laugh
832. Cute puppies
833. Fresh snow
834. The gift of health
835. Kindness always matters to others & self
836. With all of the different (bad) things happening in the world I look for the helpers
and pray for everyone in my prayers at nighttime.
837. Fresh baked bread
838. I met HER. I fell in love with HER. I asked HER to marry me (she said yes). Almost 40 years later SHE is still with me. PS Tomorrow is HER 29th birthday (again).
839. Sitting at the lake
840. Births of children
841. Long friendships
842. New friendships
843. Teaching
844. Wedding day
845. Learning to ride a bike
846. Love
847. Sunday brunch with my daughter.
848. Moonlight on water – the way it reflects on the wavetops in a line straight to you
849. An adult son who is an RN. I, his dad, have been an RN for 40 years!! Wow!
850. Still being able to laugh!
851. Blooming orchids in January
852. That moment about nine minutes into “My Favorite Things” when John Coltrane
reaches another dimension.
853. Absolute stillness
854. Meeting people & dogs on the bike path.
855. Running jokes
856. Shoes that never rub your feet
857. Laughing so hard that I pee a little bit.
858. Anapinthesun
859. Being here today
860. Holiday traditions
861. Nancy Pelosi!
862. Watching your toddler eat her first ice cream cone.
863. The smell of the sidewalk after a rain. Brilliant.
864. The feeling of a snowflake melting on your eyelashes
865. Reading a novel in a comfortable chair
866. Licking the spoon after making fudge!
867. Hats with large pom poms
868. Institute of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
869. New beginnings!
870. My child’s hand in mine
871. Impeachment
872. Forward Theater
873. Beautiful, uneventful day!
874. Greek Islands
875. Dancing with Maggie
876. Having one’s child teach me how to cook!
877. It is great to see, once again, a play performed “in-the-round.” I have not
experienced that since the 1950s! Wonderful
878. To see the grands complete college and to marry
879. Sitting in a warm room watching a storm on the ocean.
880. Doing a crossword in a coffeeshop
881. The first time your granddaughter recognizes you and smile.
882. Sunset at North Rim – Grand Canyon
883. That one birdie during a crap round of golf.
884. Walks at sunrise
885. Live theater!
886. A fresh haircut!
887. Sleeping babies
888. The sound of footsteps on concrete
889. Watching butterflies go from plant to plant
890. The thrill of a new discovery
891. Orange custard chocolate chip ice cream
892. How cat toes look like jellybeans
893. Surviving cancer – twice
894. The twang a door stop makes when you flick it
895. Stepping on a crunchy leaf.
896. People finding themselves + their passions in mid life
897. Powering up hill by bike
898. An unexpected visit from a dragonfly
899. The sun slowly dipping into the ocean’s horizon
900. The touch of a baby’s soft skin
901. Gazing into the eyes of someone you love
902. Breath and breeze
903. Cross country skiing on a sunny day
904. The look on my dog’s face when I’m about to give him a treat!
905. Making breakfast for my family
906. Looking out a train window
907. Love.
908. Music.
909. The color orange. And purple.
910. Feeling seen and heard.
911. Theater.
912. Laughter.
913. Smiling.
914. Walking in the woods alone at dusk.
915. Laugh until you cry!
916. Riding with cold feet on the dash of the car in the sun
917. The Kyrie from J.S. Bach’s B-Minor Mass
918. A newborn baby
919. Feeling the sun on your face after a week of winter grayness
920. Moon rising over Lake Monona
921. A walk in a quiet woods
922. Cold day in a convertible
923. Local Theater
924. The smell of fresh baked bread
925. Golden retrievers
926. Snow falling through sunlight
927. Playful dolphins surrounding me while surfing in the Pacific waves
928. Sunshine
929. Forward Theater!
930. The sun
931. Walking in fresh snow at 5am
932. Walking barefoot on the beach
933. Jumping on a trampoline
934. The fresh smile of sheets dried outside on a clothesline
935. Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies
936. The smell of the desert after rain...
937. Watching your son be a FATHER
938. Homemade buttermilk waffles
939. 1st snowfall of the season and sledding!
940. Shelby the next-door cat.
941. Flannel shirts.
942. A smile from a newly-toothless seven year old.
943. Baby goats jumping on + off tiny houses in their pastures.
944. A full dinner table
945. The smell of my grandpa’s garage and his rose garden.
946. Holding my newborn son for the first time (and 100th)
947. The color burnt sienna
948. Watching sunsets over the water.
949. Arranging freshly picked flowers
950. Eating fresh raspberries
951. Special dinners with my kids and grandkids, holding hands and singing “The Lord Is
Good To Me!”
952. Holding a baby!
953. The roar of the ocean and the sound of waves.
954. Dreaming of what life as an empty-nester may bring!
955. Touching your teeth with your tongue after having them cleaned
956. A new puppy
957. When David comes to Horizon High School to work + inspire teens in recovery!
958. Skiing on lakes in Minneapolis.
959. “Dark Beauty.” Sitting quietly, a spider crawls into the room, stops in front of his
chair, and dies. Astonishing moment to be alive. R.I.P. Mark (Suicide 2001)
960. My dad finding out today he DOES not have cancer
961. Listening to the waves on the shore of Lake Michigan.
962. The sights and sounds of Budapest at night
963. Full moon, month after month
964. A good wrestling hold
965. When my grandson reaches for my hand and kneads his fingers in my palm
966. The view of the capitol at night as I drive down John Nolan Ave to go to the Overture
967. Connecting thoughts
968. Island vacations
969. Sitting by a fire, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows to a cold winter night
970. Barrel-aged beer
971. Fresh air
972. My grandkids’ giggles!
973. Freshly fallen snow
974. The silence of snow falling
975. Getting out in the woods and realizing you’ve waxed your skis with perfect balance
of glide and kick so you feel like you could ski forever!
976. Cold beer in a hot sauna
977. Beautiful, immortal songs, like: The Water Is Wide
978. My wonderful husband
979. Watching your kids do something they love
980. Children
981. The Beatles
982. Jim Henson
983. Crows
984. Sauce
985. Rule breakers
986. Owls
987. Jazz
988. Sharing
989. Baking
990. Nina Simone
991. Toni Morrison
992. Pharrell
993. Left handers
994. Fungi
995. Giraffes
996. Bifocals
997. America
998. The smell of my dog’s paws
999. Geese flying over my home
1000. Friends
1001. Coincidences
1002. Being in the present moment
1004. Your performance
1005. Playing with my granddaughter, Daphne – age 14 months!
1006. Opening a letter from a friend.
1007. Singing for an audience
1008. A baby’s fingers wrapped around mine
1009. That first breath of frigid air on a crisp Wisconsin night.
1010. Seeing a really great show & then talking about it all the way home!
1011. Sailing on perfect ice
1012. Sunsets
1013. Seeing the full moon
1014. I called to my young puppy “Come boy!” My two year old grandson told me, “I the
1015. An unexpected kiss on the cheek from someone you love –
1016. The first bicycle ride of the season.
1017. A smile from a stranger at an unexpected moment when you needed a smile.
1018. A good mystery book
1019. Eastern Kingbirds flying over Amazon River, in Peru
1020. The smell of bread baking
1021. A child learning to read
1022. Dandelions!
1023. Glistening jars of home canned peaches
1024. Mountains
1025. Salt spray of oceans
1026. Riding a horse through a grassy field
1027. Producing one-of-a-kind quilts by executing a pattern in specially selected
fabric/colors/prints to delight friends & relatives + satisfy my creative urges. “A
1028. Palm trees
1029. Standing ovation
1030. Faith, hope, charity & love
1031. When Obama sang “I...”
1032. The capped heron in Peru
1033. Aluminum
1034. Walking the dog along the river
1035. My wife and children
1036. Going to the theater with your Mom.
1037. A Marine loving a Sailor!
1038. Being a grandmother
1039. Spending the evening with my daughter
1040. The Big Bang
1041. Big dog “hugs”
1042. Lulu
1043. Ruby
1044. Sunshine
1045. My2ndwife+BF
1046. Sparkly tennis shoes
1047. Trump impeached
1048. The UW’s Psych ward – it’s awesome. They gave me such a break from the horror
my life had become. I’m doing much better now.
1049. Full moon
1050. Motorcycle riding with my honey in the country!
1051. Watching the birds from my porch
1052. The warmth of my husband’s hand
1053. Grandma’s fried potato patties
1054. Dining at new restaurants
1055. Daughters who marry someone who is perfect for them
1056. Grandsons
1057. Kisses
1058. Grand-kids
1059. Savasana
1060. The feeling of waking up and falling asleep next to someone who loves and supports
1061. Born in a car
1062. Finding palindromes
1063. Spending every second with the ones you love
1064. Grandchild learning to dance
1065. Hugging someone like you really mean it.
1066. Knitting
1067. The next great book
1068. A big fish on the line.
1069. Dogs when they’re pulling a sled
1070. Flying
1071. Having a decent dream
1072. Live music
1073. Retirement
1074. My Ann
1075. Furry pets
1076. My one true love.
1077. At our age, above ground is good, everything else is extra
1078. Each CSA box of freshness!
1079. Getting a drink for free at your favorite watering hole.
1080. Creating something even if it fails
1081. Friends singing Happy Birthday in your voicemail
1083. The smell of a forest!
1084. Cleaning out closets
1085. Snuggling
1086. Respect your pet’s opinion
1087. Trees
1088. Cats
1089. Theatre
1090. Music
1091. Seeing your dog’s tail wag at the end of a long day
1092. Local professional theater
1093. Electric trains
1094. Seeing my daughter run.
1095. Violas
1096. Your daughter when she misses her last cue... “#1...”
1097. The tumor is benign
1098. Sunday nights on the couch xo
1099. The sound of bowling
1100. Sledding in the snow when 68 years old
1101. Holding my wife’s hand on the sofa on Sunday night watching Downton Abbey.
1102. Gregory Hines tap dancing alongside Mikhail Baryshnikov in White Knights, music by
Lionel Ritchie
1103. A hard-of-hearing, nearly-blind 13-year-old Yorkie who still manages to be my baby.
1104. Starting a run on a winter morning as it starts to snow.
1105. Being called “Mom” (not “Gammy”) by my grandson!
1106. Truly alive live theater!
1107. Igby
1108. A baby’s laugh
1109. Unquestionable love of a Dog
1110. Freshly bathed baby butt
1111. Making art on a sunny day
1112. Watching happy people eat good food that I’ve cooked
1113. Liverpool Football Club winning the Premier League
1114. Sudoku with a glass of wine on a Sunday afternoon.
1115. Vines
1116. The sounds of small children playing under the dining room table
1117. Tap shoes
1118. Breaking open a really fresh rock!
1119. Telling the truth
1120. The burst of positive energy that flows through my mind-body-spirit at the end of
every workout.
1121. The smell of the air after a thunderstorm
1122. Art supplies
1123. Having the teenagers over to play in the basement, + being able to get them pizzas
every time
1124. Straight guys in Africa walking up the road holding hands
1125. Snuggling on the couch w/dog and boy
1126. Yellow bellied sap suckers in the feeder
1127. A starry night in the country
1128. Hiking the Central California coast w/a dear old friend.
1129. Cocoa on a cold day
1130. Getting to the other side of a really difficult experience
1131. Trading baseball cards
1132. Going out with a pal and a toboggan to bring home sand for the sidewalk, and
diverting to the nearby sledding hill for a private midnight run
1133. Corgis
1134. Getting a last minute spontaneous ticket to a brilliant show
1135. Not cutting dumb people
1136. Daffodils
1137. Love
1138. A “you made a difference”
1139. Crayons
1140. The smile on my 30 yr. old son’s face when he plays jazz on his bass!
1142. Sharing an inside joke w/someone.
1143. The sound of rain on the roof
1144. Season tickets for APT & Forward Theater
1145. God
1146. Family
1147. Friends
1148. Freedom
1149. Faith
1150. The Jersey Shore @ dawn
1151. Waking up to see a full moon shining in my bedroom window
1152. Making connections
1153. Swimming with the dolphins early in the morning
1154. A ray of sunshine after a string of cloudy days
1155. Moon
1156. Stars
1157. Sight
1158. My rescue cat who felt safe with me after 9 months
1159. Having your bed partner fall asleep while you read poetry to her/him.
1160. Laughing ‘til you cry & your face hurts.
1161. Mr. Pointy by Takashi Murakami
1162. Walking with my love
1163. When the dog jumps on the bed.
1164. Spending Friday nights with my sister, eating curry together and sharing adulthood
1165. Watching “The Big Lebowski” again
1166. My baby nursing at a very full breast.
1167. Extraordinary friends + loving family
1168. Waking up in the morning, snuggling my wife + 2 kitties.
1169. Coptic Book Binding
1170. Sunrise in Duluth, Minnesota
1171. Walking down Weaver Road every day
1172. Riding horseback on a brilliant October day – in a hilly woodland
1173. When an animal (particularly my Cat, Reno) falls asleep on your legs.
1174. Good whisky with good friends.
1175. Reading + reflecting on guides for living life from a Mr. Rogers book with my young
adult son.
1176. Tacos
1177. Perfect arrow flight
1178. The smell of old growth pine forest
1179. Scotch whisky
1180. Long lingering hugs
1181. A greyhound chattering when it is happy to see you.
1182. The woman next to you handing you a hankie during the show.
1183. Getting to know the person you love
1184. Friends who really get you
1185. Twinkle toes
1186. Playing Quetzal in Scrabble
1187. Solving the Saturday Crypto Quote
1188. Hoodies
1189. Singing
1190. Seeing old friends
1191. Bright red coats
1192. Tiny lightbulbs
1193. First snow
1194. Birthday parties
1195. A summer breeze
1196. Performing in a show for the first time
1197. Small tables
1198. Hot chocolate
1199. Belting musical lyrics at 12 am
1200. Make friends with strangers
1201. Glasses
1202. Tennis shoes
1203. The mail man
1204. Firetrucks
1205. The smell of smoke
1206. Doctors
1207. Taking a walk at night
1208. Making a human connection with someone who is a complete stranger
1209. LOVE
1210. Sudoku
1211. Sitting in the round in 2nd ROW! In an amazing performance!
1212. Hearing on old favorite song for the first time in a long time and remembering how
much you loved it
1213. The Olympic Rain Forest
1214. Sleeping pets
1215. Being accepted for who you are, faults and all.
1216. New beginnings
1217. My sweet pup, Rudy!
1218. Light sparkling on a lake that looks like a million stars
1219. Decorating cookies!
1220. Laughing with an audience at a show
1221. Facing the Baby Hippo #fionaforever
1222. Carbs
1223. When my granddaughter sees me first enter her classroom, she smiles her biggest
smile, runs up to me exclaiming with glee “grandma, grandma” + throws her arms
around me + gives me a big hug!
1224. South Pacific Seas
1225. Leelanau Peninsula
1226. Kittens on catnip
1227. Veronica Mars
1228. Taking a rug off the loom.
1229. The sense of calm after a long day or a warm blanket next to a fire on a rainy day
1230. A rainy day and tea
1231. Happy daughters
1232. The sounds of a covey of bobwhite quail calling each other in the gloaming to gather
for the night.
1233. The smell of countryside on a summer eve
1234. Fireflies + crickets
1235. Running/watching a steam locomotive
1236. Eating sushi as a finger food.
1237. Sky + clouds
1238. A dog’s chin perfectly hooked on my leg
1239. Feeling appreciastic
1240. When my cat curls up on my shoulder and smooshes up against my cheek
1241. Bazooka Joe bubble gum comics
1242. Sitting in a crowded space like a plaza or park and watching the diversity of life
1243. The first green you see after a long winter.
1244. The delicate pale green of maple flowers
1245. Dancing while brushing teeth. And my wonderful sister
1246. Playing the piano
1247. Being proud of a loved one, simply because they are who they are.
1248. My dog Kevin
1249. Body surfing all the way in on a cool wave
1250. Tapioca pudding with a lot of rainbow sprinkles
1251. Seeing brilliant theatre
1252. When my cat lays on my chest and reaches her little paw out to touch my cheek
1253. Catching eyes with someone across the room and sharing a silent inside joke.
1254. The silence that follows a great song
1255. Watching dogs wrestle
1256. Winding a new ball of yarn
1257. Reading with my grandson
1258. Clipping your fingernails after a shower.
1259. Sleeping boys who wake up just enough to cuddle + wrap around you.
1260. Learning from Ancestry.com that you and a Madison friend share the same 9th Great Grandfather who was a founder of Nantucket Island!
1261. Friends
1262. Blue skies, calm winds, joyous freedom
1263. Giving birth to your child
1264. Monkeys
1265. Pie for breakfast
1266. Getting pierced ears @ 60!!
1267. Enjoy the snow
1268. Handing in my dissertation
1269. Finding something that really makes you think
1270. People who love me, even when I am wrong.
1271. Puppy breath
1272. My dog falling asleep on my chest as we lie on the couch
1273. Soy Ice Cream (I’m lactose intolerant!)
1274. Hugging my children.
1275. A hug from a friend
1276. Raindrops on water
1277. The first notes at a concert of your favorite artist!
1278. A son who loves to hear his birth-story.
1279. German Shepherd dogs!
1280. Buttered popcorn with salt & sugar
1281. Having your director from APT camp (15 years ago) pick you to play his love interest
in his show
1282. Children
1283. Looking at the stars on a warm summer night
1284. OWLS
1285. When the sun peeks out after several cloudy/rainy/snowy days
1286. Chihuly glass art
1287. My dog Colin
1288. Bequet caramels (yum!)
1289. Forests
1290. An empty nest
1291. How the joy in the cat’s eyes matches the joy in my heart when she returns home.
1292. Trevor Stephenson talking about and playing Bach.
1293. Seeing Colleen Madden in the audience
1294. Being foreign and being given a fresh start.
1295. Red-tailed hawks in oak trees in winter.
1296. Prince
1297. The poems of Mary Oliver
1298. Sweat-soaked shirt after hot yoga or exercise
1299. 6 cardinals perching on the bare branches of the mock orange today.
1300. Stunning craftsmanship and quality materials in historic homes.
1301. Finding your campsite (& your children) after hiking in the mountains in the Desolation Wilderness all night.
1302. My dog Bing and my goldfish Melvin
1303. The Zenith
1304. Peanut butter straight out of the jar
1305. Waldo
1306. Visual arts
1307. Words and images to make sense of experience (being alive)
1308. The first day of school after summer break when everyone is nervous/excited and
you bump into a bunch of people, then smile
1309. Stepping on fallen leaves
1310. Seeing the child in an adult
1311. Returning to the place where you belong after a long, long time.
1312. Singing happy songs while bicycling in a pouring rain
1313. Listening to a bubbling creek
1314. Being in a snowstorm
1315. Being the youngest sister (having two terrific big sisters!)
1316. A massage that makes you feel BRAND NEW.
1317. Swimming in the ocean
1318. Having a house bunny trust you.
1319. Reading books on the couch with your partner for hour after hour after hour
1320. A quiet morning in the Boundary Waters in a canoe with my love
1322. Gummy Bears
1323. A good hair day
1324. Soaking in a hot spring!
1325. A great play with a friend
1326. A hug from a toddler
1327. A perfect cup of hot coffee in the morning before anyone else is up.
1328. A grandson’s laugh
1329. Coming home after a long day.
1330. Serendipity
1331. Blowing dandelion seeds
1333. Nicki’s laugh
1334. Quokkas – the cutest animals on earth!!
1335. Waking up in the morning and finding out that you have more time to sleep
1336. S=k log W
1337. Naps in the afternoon sunlight with my pets
1338. live music fills your soul and lifts your heart!
1339. Eye gazing
1340. Making a wish by blowing an eyelash off your pinky
1341. Laying on your lover’s chest and hearting them laugh their heart out
1342. Visiting someone dying in the hospital
1343. A beautiful fall day @ Gibralter Rock.
1344. Walking to work on a summer morning
1345. The brilliant of the red in red lights
1346. Rereading Little Women as an adult
1347. Puppy breath
1348. A baby’s giggle
1349. A passion flower in bloom
1350. Dancing & singing with no judgment
1351. Autumn!
1352. Seeing my child excited about learning something new.
1353. When he kisses my forehead
1354. Twice-baked potatoes
1355. Pie
1356. Winter day with lots of sun.
1357. Coloring book + big assortment of colored pencils
1358. When your G2 pen does not get stolen
1359. A fresh floral arrangement from the farmer’s market
1360. Meeting someone who reminds you that you are valuable + worthy of love
1361. The way a pillow smells after my girlfriend has slept on it
1362. Puppy kisses
1363. Hearing lots of people laugh
1364. Afternoon naps snuggling with my friendly cats.
1365. Landing an airplane and finding that it can be used again.
1366. Grandchildren
1367. Clearing the last bit of snow off the driveway
1368. A full moon
1369. Dogs’ tails
1370. Learning all the words to the Hamilton rap songs
1371. When someone knows exactly what to say
1372. Big boofy dogs tackling their owner with love!
1373. Dr. Zhivago
1374. Trees without leaves
1375. Morning dew on a spider web
1376. Classical music – it feeds my soul!
1377. Fanning + smelling a new book + noticing how different publishers smell different.
1378. A roasted poblano pepper
1379. Kissing a fuzzy cat’s belly
1380. Laughing with people you don’t know
1381. The Capitol at night
1382. Reading a road map to a place I’ve never been
1383. The smell of my dog’s fur
1384. Grindstone Island
1385. A warm cup of coffee in the quiet morning reading The New York Times!!
1386. Chocolate
1387. Peanut butter
1388. Chocolate-peanut butter ice cream
1389. Experiencing live theatre
1390. Reading until 3:00 a.m. to finish a really good mystery or thriller book.
1391. A first grandchild
1392. Cozy cabin
1393. Being present with someone when they share a deep part of themselves.
1394. Seeing a baby being born
1395. The smell of the pine trees while skiing
1396. Finding origami in my pockets that I’d folded years ago
1397. e – Euler’s Number.
1398. When I walk in late to rehearsal and my friends look so excited to see me.
1399. Leaning on Olivia’s shoulder.
1400. A new friend being excited to come to my house and play board games.
1401. Comfortable chairs in a theatre.
1402. Recognizing someone important.
1403. Better pens than this one.
1404. Bags the right size.
1405. Bilingual puns.
1406. Nursing your baby
1407. Horses!
1408. Watching a sunset
1409. Photographing birds in flight
1410. Catching a fish
1411. Eating chocolate raspberry ice cream
1412. Green of spring
1413. David Daniel & APT
1414. Strawberries
1415. A good story that touches your heart...deeply
1416. Pebbles
1417. Beautiful beach day.
1418. Cocktails w/my neighbor
1419. 1st day of spring
1420. The scruff of my dog’s neck
1421. Unexpectedly making a new friend
1422. The happiness I feel when I didn't fall when skiing down a steep hill.
1423. A baby’s laugh
1424. An aha moment
1425. The feel of a baby’s head against my cheek
1426. Fresh snow
1427. Kissing my horse on the nose!! + getting kissed back!
1428. Mark “The Bird” Fidrych
1429. Snow crystals on windows
1430. Wonder
1431. Matzoh ball soup, chopped liver, Fae’s brisket, potato kugel, banana cake
1432. Walking in a mountain forest.
1433. Baby laughing
1434. 1 person plays in small intimate theatres
1435. The first end cut of home-made bread – still warm – with butter.
1436. Sipping bourbon on the rocks with your partner-in-life.
1437. Family
1438. Getting your hair washed before a haircut
1439. A one-handed backhand down the line passing shot
1440. Rose time
1441. My dog Stella.
1442. A sleepy cat reaching out its paw to you
1443. Looking through family photos with loved ones.
1444. Petting my purring cat
1445. Be positive – no such thing as CAN’T
1446. Fresh snow!
1447. Song “Ice Cream” sung by Percy Humphry, Prez Hall Band
1448. Making and sharing a meal with our whole family.
1449. Second or “Encore” careers where you do what you love!
1450. Cuddles with a granddaughter.
1451. Feeling healthy
1452. Enjoying a great play!
1453. Long conversations with my wife.
1454. Octopus
1455. Rolling a natural 20 in a game of Dungeons and Dragons
1456. Chocolate!
1457. Sitting in sunlight + sipping coffee on my balcony
1458. Being able to share dreams + have difficult conversations w/my special someone
1459. Reflected light on water
1460. “The golden hour” of late-in-the-day light before nightfall
1461. Water droplets on a spider’s web
1462. Water lapping on a boat’s hull
1463. Water dripping off the end of a canoe paddle
1464. The warmth of the sun on your back in late winter
1465. Hearing a mom singing to her baby
1466. Mint chocolate chip ice cream
1467. Theatre that makes you feel lucky
1468. Card tricks
1469. Hosting a wine + cheese party for 8 with 5 minutes’ notice
1470. Baby feet
1471. Grandkids!
1472. David Daniel’s performance – AMAZING!
1473. This Play!
1474. Going someplace warm in winter to escape the cold + snow in Wisconsin.
1475. Hoarfrost on a sunny day.
1476. A good friend
1477. Sourdough pancakes
1478. Smile to people you don’t know
1479. My daughter’s smile
1480. Go-kart racing
1481. Grandson
1482. My friends
1483. Mt children & daughter-in-law
1484. Sunsets – my home
1485. My dogs
1486. Children
1487. Soft rain falling!
1488. Riding my bicycle
1489. Dancing
1490. Cheesecake
1491. Picnics
1492. PINK clothes
1493. Snuggling with my husband of 40 1⁄2 years
1494. Finishing a knitting project
1495. When you take your child to a dinner and show and he tells you... He loved it
1496. A cat purring
1497. Hearing a wonderful story about my beloved son who died of suicide at age 26. So
bittersweet. I miss you so but still love your essence.
1498. Finding some of the poetry my deceased son wrote.
1499. My mother Red is Red again
1500. Sweat
1501. Salsa dancing
1502. Improvisation
1503. I wish I had the patent on the construction cones – great royalties
1504. Beautiful text and lyrics. Music as a conduit to deep contemplation: Rosephayne
Powell’s “To Sit and Dream”
1505. Sledding down snowy hills in the winter
1506. Sipping coffee and petting my cat on Sunday morning
1507. Snow Man by Waller Stevens
1508. Black tea with milk & honey
1509. Walking in the woods after a snowfall...
1510. Hearing a new joke.
1511. Seeing a play that really moves you.
1512. Being genuinely surprised.
1513. Ink
1514. Being able to “talk” by Skype + text with our aphasic grandson!
1515. A purring cat
1516. Comfortable shoes
1517. David Daniel
1518. Babies laughing (and yawning)
1519. The sound raccoons make
1520. Body surfing
1521. Dogs dreaming
1522. Sea shells
1523. Blueberry pie
1524. Sunrise over the ocean
1525. Sunset over the ocean
1526. Shooting stars
1527. Peanut butter & chocolate ice cream
1528. My neighbor
1529. Being in love with the same man for 5 decades!