Making Lists

by Forward Theater friend and supporter Lewis Bosworth
Inspired by Every Brilliant Thing

everything worth living for is
on scraps of paper
strewn in shouting distance
of where you are

big and little globs of ink
dot the paragraphs of your
heart as it sings in measured
memories of finality

doing the kind thing isn’t
fun but waiting for the right
moment isn’t wrong either
because of the why?’s

try asking dad the ways
he works out the mysteries
of his lifelong travels away
from his childhood

or make lists for God’s sake
of the things worth living for
as you make up rules to
play your genius by

inside a box in the attic is
a list that you’ll share with
mom when she recovers
or if she does.

maybe your life is quite
long enough as it is to
keep storing every brilliant
thing inside your pillow

maybe sunlight and sauce
aren’t meant to mix and
match like visits to the
tomb of marilyn monroe

comparing dreams of flying
with friendly cats may not be
everyone’s cup of tea but
they make good lists

if in doubt about your list
ask folks to add colours
or asterisks or diagrams
to make them real

the real dope on singing
out the truth is found by
dragging out your sock-
puppet during lunch

do it carefully at your
support group some day
when conversation is dull
or your mom just died

- Lewis Bosworth, 2019