A Dog's-Eye View of For Peter Pan (a rehearsal journal)

Standard Poodle and actress Butter Cream Frosting is the super secret cast member in For Peter Pan on Her 70th Birthday, and she's been keeping a journal of her first stage experience...

Friday, October 18th
Today was the big day: my first rehearsal I wasn't really sure what was going on, or why all the furniture kept moving, but Sam White gave me lots of belly rubs, and we decided that my character likes belly rubs. I also had my very first costume fitting with Scott Rott! I was so tired at the end of the day. Acting is HARD!

Sunday, October 20th
I discovered that Capp (my first character) is a girl! This is gonna change everything I've been doing with the character. I've got a lot of re-thinking to do.

Tuesday, October 22nd
Today I learned about acting your "intentions." Jen says that getting the medicine to Celia Klehr is the "intention" I need to play when I enter as Nana (my second character), not my desire to explore Norman Moses' dog allergy. So much to learn!

Self care tip: after a long day of rehearsal, try sticking your head out the car window. It's rejuvenating!

Thursday, October 24th
Today they made me hide behind a curtain before I entered. That's just weird.

Sunday, October 27th
My first run of the show! And while it might look like I was sleeping in my dressing room, it's actually a deep form of meditation. OK. Maybe I fell asleep just a little.

Thursday, October 31st
Another run of the show. After rehearsal, I got to wear my Halloween costume for this year: Tinkerbell!

Saturday, November 2nd
My first day in the theater. Now I understand why they had me hide behind a curtain in rehearsal! Being on the actual set has really helped my characters come together. And Scott added ribbons to my bonnet. It's beautiful!

Wednesday, November 6th
Dress rehearsal, and my first audience. I was a little anxious, but I just focused on my scene partners, and that got me through. Plus, I have some new bacon treats.

Friday, November 8th
Opening night! I have my dressing room all decorated, and my make-up table set up just right.

I got pretty serious when I heard Sarah call, "Places," but once the show started, it was so much fun. And when I joined the cast at curtain call, I couldn't believe all the applause!

Thank you to everyone at Forward Theater for making my theater dreams come true. Woof!