Artist Q & A - April 2020

By FTC Advisory Company member Maureen Janson

We've received a few questions from our patrons to our artists over the last few weeks, and our Advisory Company has gladly taken the time to offer their perspectives and share their experiences.

Question: What types of things do you consider when deciding to accept a theatrical project?

Here's what I ask myself when deciding to work on a play (in no particular order):

1. Do I have the time to devote to the process (will it work with my schedule)?

2. Is it a story that I love and want to help to tell?

3. What will I be able to learn by working on the project? Will I grow artistically?

4. Will I be working with people that I want to be working with?

5. What will my responsibilities be, and am I both equipped to and interested in carrying them out?

6. Will it be fun?

Question: What compelled you to devote your career/life to the theater or the arts?

My father was an actor so I have been involved in/familiar with theater pretty much since I was born. But I took my own career path and stayed primarily in the dance field for a very long time, save for a few musicals in college. I spent many years running a touring dance company and creating concert dances. So despite a lifelong love of theater, I didn't really start working in it professionally until I was almost 40! My first theater job was as dance choreographer at APT (A Midsummer Night's Dream in 2000, directed by Paul Barnes), and after one day in the rehearsal room, I was hooked. That experience prompted me to expand my focus to include not only concert dance, but theater, musical theater and opera. To this date, I have contributed movement and dance to over 65 professional theater productions in Spring Green, Madison, Winona, MN and Chicago! :)