Interview with Board member Rozan Anderson

A favorite Forward blog tradition is a "talkback" between recent additions to our Advisory Company and Board. For this blog post, Rana Roman, our newest AC member (and cast member of our upcoming poduction of Life Sucks) asks some questions of Rozan Anderson, who joined our Board this season (you can read more about her here:

RANA: Joining the board at Forward obviously means you appreciate theater. Can you tell us about your first or most meaningful theater experience? One that may have first inspired your appreciation

ROZAN: I can’t think of one particular profound early experience with the theater, but I do remember with great fondness frequently attending productions at The Trinity Repertory Theater, while I was a college student in Providence, Rhode Island. Trinity Rep had a big national reputation for a relatively new regional theater company (many years ago now!), and I experienced quite a variety of classic, contemporary, and world premiere works. It was always a fun and often eye-opening evening off campus, participating in an art form I love to this day.

RANA: Is there a form of artistic expression that you yourself participate in?

ROZAN: The closest I ever come to performing in a dramatic production is in the pit orchestra for musicals and operettas. After starting my instrumental training with piano and flute, I settled on the bassoon as my primary musical voice. I still play regularly in chamber ensembles and orchestras, and I am a member of several music clubs. Words, music… music and words… and, actually visual arts, as well. They all come together for me as key ways in which we interact with one another and express our thoughts and feelings!