Celebrating 10 Years

by Artistic Director Jennifer Uphoff Gray

And so Forward Theater's first decade has come to an end. Milestones are remarkably powerful, aren’t they? What could be just another spot on the calendar becomes an opportunity for reflecting on the past and dreaming of the future. That’s certainly what we’re doing here at Forward.

We told you last summer that this 10th anniversary season would be one of gratitude. Gratitude for the artists who lend their talents to our work, gratitude for the funders and donors who make our work possible, gratitude for the many nonprofit community partners who give our work added meaning and impact, and above all else, gratitude for the audiences that show up to share in this work with us. Expressing our thankfulness all year long has been deeply rewarding and humbling. We are so very lucky to be able to make our art in collaboration with such a wonderful community.

When FTC was born ten years ago, not one of us at that kitchen table could ever have imagined just how far this little company would go. And yet, thanks to all of you, we have grown:

- From a start-up to a resident company of Overture Center for the Arts.
- From an initial operating budget of $80,000 to $1.2 million annually (and in the black every year!).
- From an initial subscriber base of just over 1,000 patrons to nearly 3,000.
- From 2,569 attendees our first season to 22,114 in season ten.
- From volunteer staff that first season to a team of 8 incredible, hard-working staff members.
- From 56 artists employed the first year to 140 this last year.

None of this would have been possible without YOU.

And now we turn our gaze to the future, and to our next decade. We cannot wait to see what we will have to look back on ten years from now!