Hanging With the Boys of Fun Home

Forward Theater has the pleasure of working with three young actors in Fun Home who play John and Christian, Alison's brothers. Tryg Gunderson portrays Christian, and Donovan Lonsdale plays John. Walker Stevenson is the "cover" for both characters, which means he can step in to play either role should it be necessary, and will be performing at various shows throughout the run. All three young men are making their Forward Theater debut, and we asked them two big questions about their experience:

What has been the most fun thing about being in Fun Home so far?

Tryg Gunderson: It has been really fun to see what different audiences laugh at and how they react differently in general to the show.
Donovan Lonsdale: Becoming friends with the cast and crew of Fun Home is my favorite part! I also liked watching and learning about the technical side of the show, especially the trap door.
Walker Stevenson: The most fun part about Fun Home for me has been working with such a professional company. I really enjoyed spending time during rehearsals and tech to get to know my fellow actors and crew members. Being new to Forward Theater everyone made me feel like part of the Forward family and I greatly appreciated that. I also enjoyed the many opening night traditions everyone involved me in such as giving letters or receiving an old Broadway playbill from Jen.

What has been the hardest/most difficult/most surprising thing so far?

Tryg: I was surprised how much content they could fit into such a short show. The hardest part was long tech nights.
Donovan: I didn't know how emotional and sad parts of Fun Home were until I started rehearsing the show. Certain moments in the story had to be explained to me. I'm happy that I get to do this show for almost a month, because I feel like I get to know the show so much better every time I do it."
Walker: The hardest thing for me during Fun Home has been sitting out a lot and watching the show (even though it is a great show). This is mainly because I was a cover for both Christian and John (Allison's younger brothers). This meant I had to learn both of their tracks, which was a little difficult for me.