Teachers in Our Lives

By Exit Strategy cast members Rana Roman and Daniel Torres-Rangel

Working on a play about teachers has given everyone involved in Exit Strategy a chance to reflect upon some of the ways that teachers have affected their lives. Two of the cast members, Rana Roman, and Daniel Torres-Rangel, shared their recollections:

Rana Roman shared a memory that is especially applicable to the life of a working actor: "When I was a junior in high school, I had a U.S. History teacher named Mr. Rodahl. Mr. Rodahl had a red banner on his classroom wall that read, "80 percent of life is just showing up. The other 20 percent is just follow-up." And for some reason that stuck with me. Every time I considered not going somewhere, or felt like I couldn't finish the big project or that I wasn't fully prepared, or thinking, 'don't go to that job interview, don't go to that audition,' I would think of that banner. And I realized that if I just got myself there, it was likely going to end up fine. As long as I had the courage to show up, it would be fine."

Daniel Torres-Rangel tells about how teaching make an early impact upon his life and eventual career path: "An early memory of school actually took place at home. When we were little, my older brother, Jason, and I would play ‘school.’ For some reason he was always the teacher and I was always the student. He would actually give me assignments to complete. And not only would I do them, he would grade my work too! He was a tough grader, but I usually did pretty well. And, perhaps not surprisingly, we both later became teachers."