Get to Know the New FTC Board Members

Forward Theater Company is very happy to welcome four new members to our Board of Directors: Lynn Wood, Ted Waskowski, Jennifer Winding, and Tom Frazier. We asked them what one thing they are most curious about or hope to learn with regard to what goes into putting on a show, and here's what some of them said...

Ted Waskowski's response is music to the Literary Committee's ears, and is a question heard often at talkbacks and in the lobby outside our shows: " I am curious to learn how the written word is transformed to the oral and visual. I would like to see the beginning of that process."

Jennifer Winding replied, "I am very interested to learning the “business of theater” in general! I was an aspiring actor when I was young, but now that I am in business, I find the behind-the-scenes very interesting, beyond the magic of the performance! I also am excited to experience the conversation among the Advisory Company as they discuss a play, and how it would be received in Madison and by the Forward subscriber base." Watch out, Jennifer. We sometimes ask Board Members if they'd like to perform something at our annual holiday party. Now that we know you were an actor, get ready to be called upon!

And Tom Frazier's career in accounting seems to have definitely influenced his answer, "The phases of planning and which take the most time and which take the most money. I'd sum it up as a 'composition' or 'logistics' related curiosity."

We look forward to working with all four of our new Board members as we embark upon Season 9. Welcome aboard!