Holiday Gratitude

By Board Chair Steve Suleski

As I write this, Thanksgiving is in the rear view mirror and the rest of the holiday season is fast approaching. Before we leave Thanksgiving (absolutely my favorite holiday) behind us for another year, I’d like to reflect upon a Suleski family tradition. At our Thanksgiving table, we often ask everyone there to share one thing that she or he is grateful for. In applying this tradition to Forward Theater, I’d like to share a few thoughts about why I am grateful for FTC and invite you to do the same.

There are really so many reasons; here are just a few:

I am grateful for the wonderful, witty, often thought-provoking, emotion-eliciting, and always entertaining plays selected by Jen Gray and the Advisory Company each and every season.

I am grateful to the actors, directors, designers, technicians and other theater professionals who magically transform the words of these plays into a multi-dimensional experience that brings us new understandings and challenges our world views.

I am grateful to our audience, our loyal subscribers and single ticket buyers, who fill our seats and add their energy and engagement to the creative process and complete the great circle that is live performance art.

I am grateful to our community with its willingness to partner with us to leverage the themes of our plays throughout the places that we live to bring greater awareness to the diversity, the challenges and the awesomeness that surrounds us.

I am grateful to our donors, sponsors and grant makers. Without their generous and consistent contributions we would not be able to offer our theater professionals a living wage. We would not be able to offer the quality or quantity of programming that our audience and community have come to enjoy. We would be a theater company half-baked.

Finally, I am grateful to the Forward Theater family: to the competent, creative and hard-working staff; to the artistically engaged, theater-savvy Advisory Company; and to the dedicated, generous, fiscally-responsible Board of Directors. All three groups work together seamlessly, jointly moving Forward forward, in an atmosphere of trust, collaboration and true respect. They create the culture of Forward, the feeling of family for which I am most grateful and because of which I joyfully devote an outsized portion of my time, energy and financial resources.

During this holiday season, I invite you to join me in becoming ever more engaged with our precious theater and to share your own reasons for why you are grateful for its vibrant presence in our Southern Wisconsin community.

Happy Holidays!

Steve Suleski, Board Chair