Finding Marjorie in Marjorie Prime

By Judy Kimball (Marjorie)

This is a beautiful play about memory and family and love and loss and aging and Artificial Intelligence. I am playing Marjorie in the upcoming production of Marjorie Prime at Forward Theater and I am finding her to be one of the more challenging roles I have worked on. I have never played a person with memory loss before. As an actor, you usually have a through line for the character which includes what they are thinking and what they want from the other characters. This is not the case for Marjorie. Sometimes she remembers and at other times she drifts off. I watched several documentaries about women with memory loss and also spoke with a friend who is in the early stages of Alzheimer's Disease to get background on what it is like to lose some of the memories that define us. What has been most useful to me has simply been working through the script and charting Marjorie's journey through the play. Finding what triggers her memories and what simply confuses her. What brings her joy and what saddens her. The playwright has made some of that clear in the script and director Jen Uphoff Gray has been invaluable in helping me find Marjorie. I am eager to share this character and this play with audiences!