Playing With Play Club

By Jake Penner, Advisory Company Member

I participated in a Forward Theater Play Club event twice last year, its inaugural season in the Dane County Libraries – once as a leader (Outside Mullingar) and once as an actor (Learning To Stay). It’s always a lot of fun; but I find these events especially rewarding when they take place at locations outside of, or even far away from Madison. Often, I’ll get the chance to speak with (or act for) a group of theater fans that have yet to see a Forward Theater production – in some cases, they have zero familiarity with us at all. In addition to talking about the script they’ve read in preparation for the Play Club, they’ll usually have a lot of questions about our company—how we came to be, whom we typically work with, etc. Usually by the end of the evening, at least a few of those attendees have decided to come see the show they’ve read, and that means a lot to me, a two-year member of FTC’s Advisory Company.

Libraries and theaters seem like perfect partners, and I hope that just as some Play Club attendees are inspired to see a Forward show for the first time, that some of our audience members will hear about Play Club and check out their local library branch for the first time. We have a lot of incredible libraries here in Dane County, and we're excited to continue this partnership for the second year.