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Forward Theater strives to make its performances available to all members of the community.

When you’re attending a performance, you can find accessibility information, and borrow devices and materials at the Coat Check of the Playhouse Lobby. We’re ready to help!

Patrons can also purchase Accessible Season Tickets for all four shows, based on your preferred services. Email or call us and we’ll personally handle that with you.

If at any point you have questions or would like to speak with someone about our accessibility services, please email Bri at or call 608-234-5001 x1.

For patrons who are deaf or hard of hearing

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices are available for people who are hard of hearing. They work by amplifying and clarifying sound by cutting out ambient noise.

Assistive Listening Devices come with an individual receiver—about the size of a small flip phone. There are two types of headsets available:

  • Headphones provide amplified sound to each ear.
  • The induction neck loop goes around the neck and amplifies sound through a guest’s hearing aid or cochlear implant which is already equipped with a telecoil or “T” switch.
  • Guests should discuss with their audiologist whether their hearing aid or cochlear implant has a “T” switch and how to use it with an Assistive Listening Headset.

Guests also have the option of bringing their own headset or earbuds to use with our receivers. All borrowed equipment should be returned to the Playhouse Coat Check after the show.

  • Keep listening devices away from cell phones. They may not work properly if they are too close to your phone during the performance.
  • Find your seat and test the listening device before the show starts. Make sure you know where the power and volume buttons are, and find an usher for assistance if you have questions.

ASL-Interpreted Performance

(American Sign Language)

An ASL-interpreted performance is always offered on the third Saturday matinee of each production. Designated seating with an unobstructed view of the ASL interpreter is available via the links to the right, or on each show page. Use the links to purchase discounted and unobstructed seats for each performance.

ASL-interpreted performances are an embedded aspect of Forward’s scenic and lighting designs from day one. We strive to provide the highest quality viewing experience, from interpreter placement to the timing of blackouts.

ASL-designated seating is $15 for students and $20 for the general public.

Dates & Tickets


The Garbologists

Saturday 9/23/23 at 2pm



Saturday 11/18/23 at 2pm


The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk

Saturday 2/10/24 at 2pm


What the Constitution Means to Me

Saturday 4/20/24 at 2pm


For patrons who are blind or have low vision

Audio Description

Forward is excited to introduce Audio Description to its 2023-2024 Season for the first time. Audio Description is available upon request.

Exact dates are still to be determined, so please email us at if you’d like to utilize this service.

Audio Description is the art of talking pictorially to enable audience members who are blind or have low vision to hear descriptions of actions, costumes, scenery and other aspects of the production not usually conveyed by voices from the stage.

FM receivers and headsets can be obtained at the Information Desk. These receivers are used in conjunction with a person who sits in a booth and describes action that is taking place in real time on stage.

Large Print Playbills

Large print playbills are available for all shows and can be requested at the Playhouse Coat Check.

Magnification Tools

Magnifying glasses are available for all shows and can be requested at the Playhouse Coat Check.


Service Animals

When purchasing your tickets, please let us know that you’ll be accompanied by your service animal, so we can find the most comfortable seating for both of you. This usually involves an aisle seat, or a seat with extra leg room.

For patrons who have limited mobility

Please let the box office know if accommodations are needed when you buy your ticket.

Overture Center Building Information
  • Overture Center offers wheelchair and easy-access seating in all venues, as well as accessible routes throughout the building.
  • Elevator access is available at each level. The Playhouse is also equipped with a lift, providing access to balcony seating.
  • Public entrances to Overture Center are equipped with power doors.
  • Curbside drop-off is available at the Henry Street entrance of Overture Center.
  • Accessible restroom facilities are located on all levels, including the Playhouse lobby, and all seven family/gender-neutral assist restrooms have power doors.
Courtesy Wheelchairs

A limited number of courtesy wheelchairs are available free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis. Visit the Playhouse Coat Check to borrow one. This can be helpful in supporting curbside dropoff, to comfortably get patrons from the car to their seats.

Types of Seating in the Playhouse
  • Wheelchair seating with Companion Seat
  • Transfer Seats – Transfer Seats are designed to provide access to guests with limited mobility, such as someone who uses a wheelchair, scooter, walker, crutches or cane. One arm of the Transfer Seat will lift or be removable.
  • Armless Seats – These can be helpful as transfer seats or as size-inclusive seating.
  • American Sign Language Seating – determined per show.
  • Mobile Seating – These are not fixed traditional theater seats, rather are chairs set in the back row that allow patrons to stand, create more leg room, provide space for a service animal, or be removed to accommodate a walker or wheelchair.
Lift to the Balcony

The Playhouse is equipped with a single-occupancy lift, to transport patrons to the balcony. Please allow extra time to get to your seats and ask an usher for assistance in operating the lift.



Overture Center

More information on Overture Center’s building, restrooms, parking and other venues can be found at Overture’s Accessibility Page.


If you have feedback on any of our services, please get in touch with us at We achieve more through collaboration, and we appreciate our patrons’ support as we continue to grow and learn.