These are the truths that we hold to be self-evident. The entire Forward Theater family (the advisory company, the board of directors and staff) will be responsible for adhering to these principles, while remaining adaptable to changing times.

• We will present our work at the highest possible standards of excellence, both onstage and behind the scenes.
• We will provide a positive, respectful, and nurturing work environment for all employees and guest artists that allows everyone to work to their full potential. We will conduct ourselves with integrity in all interactions representing Forward Theater Company.
• We acknowledge the systemic racism in our community and industry and commit to anti-racist policies, practices and learning in all areas of our work, and to create a safe, supported and empowered environment for all our colleagues who are Black, Indigenous, or People of Color.
• We will be a community-wide leader in forging collaborative partnerships, with particular attention to building authentic relationships with communities underrepresented in theater audiences.
• We will strive to pay our artists, crew, and staff at a level that attracts and retains respected talent.
• We value local theater professionals and will prioritize providing work for them in casting and other hiring decisions.
• We will strategically invest our time and resources in educational and complementary programming that enhances the experience of our current audiences and grows the pool of new audience members.
• We will value our subscribers and the critical role they play in sustaining our company through our communications, our interactions with them, our customer service, and our pricing.
• When choosing our seasons, we will prioritize work that our audiences would not otherwise have access to (ie, recent hits available only to professional companies, world-premiere scripts, fresh approaches to older works).
• We will, in all things, be respectful of the financial implications of our decisions, both internally and as they relate to the local economy. An essential component of this is consistent and transparent communication between the staff, Board of Directors and Advisory Company.