Lewiston | Clarkston

by Samuel D. Hunter
April 9-25, 2021

Wisconsin Premiere

Directed by Jennifer Uphoff Gray/Jake Penner

The Experience

Two plays. One event. For this stage-to-film theater experience, both Lewiston and Clarkston will be presented together as a unique digital event. The plays were rehearsed in-person and performed live in the Playhouse at Overture Center. The presentation of these plays will be a filmed version of the live stage performance.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Elevate the home viewing experience and grab some delicious dining in between plays! You can even enjoy a social dinner break with those you go to the theater with, while you eat and chat over Zoom (you can stop/start the video at any time). We've partnered with Quivey's Grove, Ian's Pizza, and North and South Seafood & Smokehouse to offer delivery or takeout options for every palate. Check out the dining info page for details.

Live Talkback With Playwright Samuel D. Hunter

Check out our online conversation with Lewiston/Clarkston playwright Samuel D. Hunter. Hosted by directors Jen Uphoff Gray and Jake Penner. This event was free and open to the public, with questions submitted from the audience.

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The Plays

In Lewiston, Alice is an aging descendant of Meriwether Lewis, who sits at her roadside stand selling cheap fireworks while developers swallow the land around her. Enter Marnie, Alice’s long-lost granddaughter, proposing to buy the land and save her family’s legacy.

In Clarkston, Jake is a descendant of William Clark, who has made the journey out west from his home in Connecticut, anxious to find meaning in his own history. He meets Chris during a late-night shift at Costco, forming an awkward bond.

Can these individuals learn to help each other as they struggle to make a home in the vastness of the American landscape?

The Artists

Director (Lewiston): Jen Uphoff Gray
Director (Clarkston): Jake Penner

Scenic Designer: Christopher Dunham
Lighting Designer: Greg Hofmann
Costume Designer: Ren LaDassor
Sound Designer/Composer: Joe Cerqua
Props Master: Pamela Miles
Stage Manager (Lewiston): Sarah Deming-Henes
Stage Manager (Clarkston): Rebecca Lindsey
Asst. Stage Manager: Abbi Hess

Video filmed and edited by Dave Alcorn & Microtone Media

Lewiston - Carrie Hitchcock, April Paul, Jonathan Wainwright
Clarkston - Laura Gray, Joshua Krause, Jarrod Langwinski

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"Something beautiful beyond dispute that unites us as Americans, and as all people living here." - New York Stage Review

"Theatre of the most deeply moving kind. By the evening's end, you'll have a palpable sense of having shared something special..." - The Hollywood Reporter

"A tight, observant vignette that realizes swatches of modern-day life with devastating, but often hilarious, accuracy." - The Daily Beast


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