November 9-11, 2012

PLUS! Another performance has just been added to the schedule! GREAT seats are available for the 2pm performance on Saturday, November 10th.

Ah food. . .everyone’s got a favorite dessert, a coveted midnight snack, a go-to take-out order after a stressful day, or a recipe that reminds them of home. Food is inextricably linked with first dates in restaurants, memories of summer picnics, tailgating before the big game, and holidays at grandma’s house. This year playwrights from across the country are invited to contribute to the company’s second monologue festival, focusing on engaging, embarrassing, hilarious, and heart-warming stories that revolve around food. Bring your appetite for fun and exciting new work, and enjoy a dozen monologues from our menu!


“Living Well” by Joseph Rice, Middleton WI
Directed by Catie O’Donnell, Performed by William Bolz

“The Family Feast” by Derek Aimonetto, Madison, WI
Directed by Coleman, Performed by R. Peter Hunt

“Chocolate Lava Cake” by Jona Tarlin, New York City, NY
Directed by Meghan Randolph, Performed by Jessica Jane Witham

"His Last Supper” by Dave Carley, Toronto, CA
Directed by Annelise Dickinson, Performed by Michael Herold

“Top Secret Recipes” by Gwendolyn Rice, Middleton WI
Directed by Reva Fox, Performed by Georgina McKee

“Door #1” by Lori Matthews, Stoughton, WI
Directed by Jessica Lanius, Performed by Michele Gerard Good


“The First Thanksgiving” by Jim Carrier, Madison, WI
Directed by Lynda Sharpe, Performed by Sam White

“Beer Is Food” by Sam White, Madison, WI
Directed by Erin S. Baal, Performed by Paul Milisch

“Tell a Story, Sell a Product” by Brendon Smith, Madison, WI
Directed by Frank Honts, Performed by Karen Moeller

“The Cheese Robber” by Gabriel Davis, Pittsburgh, PA
Directed by Tony Trout, Performed by Bruce Bradley

“Just One Bite” by Kris Rasmussen, Petoskey, MI
Directed by Richard Ganoung, Performed by John Kishline

“Mia Famiglia” by Kimberly Megna Yarnall, Madison, WI
Directed by Jennifer Uphoff Gray, Performed by Kimberly Megna Yarnall

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