Pam Miles and Kevin Zimmer


There’s a limited pool of technical artists in the Madison area. Two of the best – Scenic Painter Pam Miles and Technical Director Kevin Zimmer – moved to Arizona in 2014 following better opportunities. Because of our commitment to increasing compensation this season and in future years, they were able to move back to Madison.

Jim DeVita, Pam Miles, Kevin Zimmer and Nate Burger on the set of RED

"When we left for Arizona we knew we were leaving our home and some wonderful people behind. But for two years, our lives felt incomplete. With Forward's current pay increase, it made our return to the Madison area feasible, and we are both beyond happy to be back with our families, both personal and professional. We are still struggling to make ends meet and at the moment we are simply sneaking by. An increase in compensation would mean an enhanced quality of life and peace of mind. We have come back to our home. Now, we would like a chance to
make a life

Di’Monte Henning


Di'Monte Henning

“There are instances where I’ve had to turn down jobs because the pay was not at a living wage. In the long run that means less and less artists creating art because they can’t afford to feed their family, pay bills, or rent. And, as a non-Equity actor, we don’t receive certain benefits that Equity actors do like health insurance and dental. Extra dollars a week go a long way towards making it possible for me to take that job and make me feel valued doing my work.”

Laura Arnold


“The increase in pay has helped me move to Middleton instead of commuting from my Mom’s house in Baraboo every day. That has helped me tremendously! Not having to commute two hours a day, or more depending on traffic, has given me a better opportunity to find side work to help support myself.

It has also made me feel like I'm really a part of the community that I work in. I'm grateful to the donors that made that happen, and I hope they see the impact even a small donation can make on a young professional like myself.”

Every gift has a positive ripple effect - a small change can have an enormous impact! Our guest directors, assistant directors, scenic designers, props designers, lighting designers, composer and sound designer, costume designers, stage manager, assistant stage manager, dialect coaches, technical director, painters, wardrobe crew, master electrician, sound board operator, run crews, carpenters, and our actors will thank you!