4000 Miles

by Amy Herzog

November 3rd - 20th, 2016

Finalist for the 2013 Pulitzer Prize

Directed by Jennifer Uphoff Gray


Free-spirited 21-year-old Leo sets off from the West Coast on an epic cross-country bike adventure. By the time he shows up at his grandmother Vera’s New York City apartment, his journey has taken some unexpected turns. Leo hopes for a short-term escape from the chain of events that has left him estranged from his family and friends. But as days turn into weeks, he and Vera bond over love, loss, and the difficulties of growing up and growing old. With both humor and heartbreak, 4000 Miles takes an intimate look at the road to self-acceptance we all must travel — and the unexpected connections we make along the way.


Susan Sweeney, Mitch Bultman, Rachael Zientek, Lucy Tan

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"...a wonderful play receiving a moving production at Forward Theater under the direction of Jennifer Uphoff Gray."
- Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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"...kudos to Forward for staging yet another play involving a meaty role for an older female actor, of whom Wisconsin has many exceptional, frequently underutilized examples."
- 4000 Miles: Takeaways - Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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"The darkness draws our focus in, toward Leo’s story and the place where two lives touch. It’s a quiet revelation, and it’s the heart of this exceptional play."
- Lindsay Christians, The Cap Times
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"Nothing bridges the generational divide like love, death and, of course, a good joke."
- Holly Henschen, Isthmus
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"...there’s a genuine warmth that comes from watching these two characters move beyond their self-imposed prisons toward understanding, self-awareness and new possibilities. It’s that feeling that lingers."
- Aaron Conklin, Madison Magazine
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